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One of the best browsers that exist today for Android is the famous ( UC Browser app free download for android) , an excellent browser, direct competition from browsers like Google Chorme or Mozilla Firefox.

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UC Browser for Android is characterized for being one of those that best takes advantage of the resources of the Android operating system, trying to offer a similar browsing experience to the one we find in the Windows operating systems, but spending few operating system resources.

This browser has several years of experience in the industry. Although it has not earned the fame of Chrome and Firefox, it is undoubtedly one of the greats in this field, as it has many options and a fast and good performance.

In addition, it doesn’t take up much space, because unlike Chrome, it’s designed to save a lot of space, which is ideal for older Android phones, which can’t hold a lot of information inside them. This is without a doubt one of the best browsers for Android mobile.

However, even if it does not hold as much information, it is capable of offering a high performance, i.e. it does not affect anything that takes up less space than the competition.

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This is undoubtedly an example of good space management, something that not everyone can say. It should also be mentioned that besides not consuming many operating system resources, it is also capable of consuming little RAM memory, something that is very important if you want to have an efficient browser that works on older devices (in addition to its mini version).

Below, we will offer a custom tutorial on using UC Android, explaining everything you need to know to use it correctly, without any problems in this regard.


Main features of Uc Browser download for Android new version

  • Small window mode: It makes it easy for the video window to move away from the website and hang at the top of the screen, while at the same time you can chat with your friends, shop online or do other activities without stopping the video display.
  • Fast downloads: Uc hd browser for android Web servers accelerate and stabilize downloads. If there is any disconnection or interruption, UC Browser android app continues the download from the point where it was interrupted. By speeding up the download process, you save time in downloading files.
  • Lightweight user experience: Forget about frozen pages. Enjoy smooth Internet browsing. Your search results appear instantly, with quick access to socialization, web search and entertainment.
  • Cricket card feature: The browser adds a special Cricket feature for Cricket fans. The vast majority of live Cricket matches, results and related information can be searched for very easily.
  • Saving of data: The browser concentrates data, accelerates navigation speed and helps you save a lot of data traffic on your mobile phone. If you surf more, you can save more data with UC Browser mini 8.1 for android.
  • Ad blocking: The ad blocking option cuts different types of ads that affect your browsing experience. Help you visit ad-free websites on your Android mobile devices; no more pop-up ads.
  • Videos for all tastes: With the browser you can watch TV series and movies. The menu classifies videos into different tastes: trailers, humor, clips, action movies, etc.
  • Facebook Mode: A unique feature that accelerates Facebook regardless of the status of your network. The browser always finds a way to increase the speed of your network.
  • Night Mode: Switch to night mode with UC Browser mini for android 2.3 free download for more comfortable reading at night.

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Having seen all the features, we can affirm that this is one of the most important ones browser apps for Android.

UC Browser for Android

The first thing we are going to learn is how to download UC Browser for Android phone, something that will help us to have it completely ready to install on our mobile phone so we can use it in the right way, without viruses and taking up as little space as possible.

As we usually do with Android apps, we’re going to offer you several methods to download this application to your mobile phone, so that you can do it without any problems of any kind and without any errors if some of them fail.

Download UC Browser from Google Play Store

As usual, let’s first explain how to install it through the Google Play Store. This method is completely official from Google and is therefore the safest, as it is very rare for viruses to be present in Play Store applications.

In addition to that, Play Store applications are characterized by automatic updates for life, with good support. The way to install applications through Play Store is quite simple, you’ve probably downloaded something from an app.

All you have to do is search the Play Store “uc browser” and then download the app “Fast uc browser for android – Download Private & Secure”, which as you know will be installed on your mobile phone fully automatically.

Here’s the official Google Play download link for UC Browser Android.

Uc Browser Download for Android APK

The next method is to download the application to your mobile phone via the Internet, i.e. by searching for the APK file on Google and then installing it on our terminal.

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This form has its pros and cons, for example, its main advantage is that it can be used without having Google Play Store, which is ideal for older phones.

However, the downside is that if we don’t get into reliable pages, they can introduce a virus into the application.

But you don’t have to worry, the 100% safe and reliable option is to download the UC Browser for Android’s .APK file from the official Android application’s website (

This way, you won’t have any kind of problem or fear that your device could be infected by a malicious virus. Here is the official download link for the UC Browser for Android devices.

How to use UC Browser for Android ?

Now that we’ve downloaded it, it’s time to learn how to use this browser the right way.

Even if everyone knows how to use an Internet web browser, at least in a basic way, you need to take a closer look at everything you have.

In many cases there are some features that are hidden from the end user, which we must know perfectly well if we want to use this browser in a correct way.

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Let’s first see how we can navigate through tabs, how we can view videos and multimedia files and finally learn how to delete cookies and history to leave no trace.

Navigation through tabs

First, let’s see how we can navigate through tabs, a more optimized way to navigate.

Navigating through tabs consists of being able to have several web pages open in the same session in the same browser in a single window, being able to go from one tab to another easily.

This is done by clicking on the new tab and after use, searching the custom search engine for what you want, so that we can easily see several tabs.

We may have several tabs open, however, we advise you to delete some tabs when you see that there are too many, in order to have a better performance.

Videos and other multimedia files

The video can be viewed in any browser, without the need to have any application installed.

This can be done easily thanks to HTML5 technology, a very useful technology for viewing all kinds of multimedia files in an Internet browser.

For example, we can enter YouTube and then click on any video to watch it, choosing its quality. This will open a small player inside the browser, and we will watch the videos without any problem.

Delete history, cookies and temporary files

Finally, we’ll talk about how to delete history, cookies and temporary files.

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This is to hide where you’ve been, because if someone accesses your mobile phone for some reason, they might notice that you’ve been to places you don’t want anyone to know about, such as your bank accounts.

All you have to do is access “Settings” –>“Delete navigation data”. Now, you only have to wait a little while for everything to be removed, so there’s no trace of the sites you’ve visited or used.

Additional information (UC Browser app download for Android)

Developer:UCWeb Inc. (

Last update: 06/17/2018

Current version: Varies by device

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Best Android Web Browser For Downloading Files Free

Size: Varies by device

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