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It is not easy to become a famous disk jockey (DJ); you need a solid practice for a long time. And also you need to be a special one to mix music. But you don’t need to worry; if you try hard, you will be one of the famous DJ. With the help of some best and Free DJ Apps for Android, you can practice more and more without spending a big amount of penny. You can choose some Best and Free DJ Apps from this list and install on your Android phone or tablet. These apps will help you to practice easily, anywhere and anytime.

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Download DJ Lobo app for Android. Listen to live music mixes anywhere you go. Download DJ Lobo app for Android. Listen to live music mixes anywhere you go. Simple DJ app for home parties. Edjing Pro LE 1.2.1. At last, a professional DJ software on Android thought for & by pro DJs.

  1. Download virtual dj mixer android, virtual dj mixer android, virtual dj mixer android download free. Be a DJ for the night with these free Android apps.
  2. Oct 09, 2019 DJ mixing apps for android helps to solve this problem. We can convert our small music system to DJ with the help of our Android smart phone. Attach your smart phone to music system and control it with the of Android DJ mixing apps. We can easily remix songs and play two songs simultaneously and cross fade between them.
  3. Dec 05, 2018  In this free djcross app you can play two songs at the same time and cross-fade them together as a DJ. The Dj Mixer Player app for Android allows you to mix, remix good, scratch, loop or toss your music in the palm of your hands.Create your own DJ remix amazing and make your own beats and remix songs, the launch boot with the virtual DJ 7 is.
  4. The Best Free DJ Software app downloads for Android: Droid DJ Pro BPM Tap BPM Tap Free BPM Tap DJFon Dj Mix Music Drum Instrument for An.
  5. Jun 24, 2019  Download djay FREE 2.3.6. Spin your records from the screen of your Android. Djay FREE is a music application that lets you transform your Android device into an authentic miniature audio mixer. As the name shows, the application is a free version of.
  • 1 Top Free DJ Apps for Android

Top Free DJ Apps for Android

  1. DJ Studio 5 – Free music mixer

Free youtube video download for android phone download. The DJ Studio 5 is one of the top downloaded Free DJ App for Android which you can use on your Android phone or tablet. The Studio 5 is a party-proof DJ app which helps to mix, remix, scratch or loop music easily and quickly. The app comes with the straightforward and user-friendly interface for newbies as well as advanced users.

Key Features

  • No limitation, registration fee or watermark
  • Customize decks
  • Access music from folder based on artist, album or name
  • Eight different sound effects
  • Live music recorder
  • Built-in equalizer
  • And much more features for DJ
  1. edjing – DJ Music Mixer Studio

The edjing is one of the Best DJ App for Android which you can use on your Android device for free. The app designed and developed by Ed Jing, a Japanese music mogul. The user-friendly and easy to use interface makes this app perfect for a newbie. The edjing considered as a multi-performing track mixing app which will give you a lot of fun.

Key Features

  • Access music library and mix music
  • Access music from SoundCloud directly
  • Music search tool to search music on the web
  • Remix mp3 music with more than 1 hour
  • High-quality sound
  1. DJ Mix Pads

Love to play with music using your Android Phone or Tablet? Then the DJ Mix Pads is an ideal and Best DJ App which you can use for free. The DJ mix is easy to use music composer app for Android which is perfect for the beginner as well as advanced users. The app comes with built-in music recorder and editing feature to record and create tracks quickly.

Key Features

  • Upload your self-recorded music from SD card
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality sound mixer
  • FX sounds are available
  1. djay FREE – DJ App for Android

The djay is another Free DJ App for Android which comes with various functions and features. You can easily convert your Android device into a featured DJ System. Access all of your music directly and mix them to create amazing songs. Ideal App for professionals as well as newbies to apply stunning FX, remix song and plays directly from the playlist.

Key Features

  • Integrated music library
  • Mix thousands of songs instantly
  • Supports all major Audio formats
  • Music mixer
  • Support Bluetooth device
  1. Cross DJ Free – Mix your music

The Cross DJ Free is another Best and Free DJ App for Android which comes with user-friendly interface and lot of features. Create a new flavor of music by mixing tracks and sounds with the help of this app. The app is highly customizable and comes with standard pitch range. You can use the Cross DJ app without any previous experience for enjoying home or pool DJ party.

Key Features

  • Accurate BPM detection
  • Access music from library
  • Low battery power consumption
  • Produce high-quality sound
  1. Party Mixer – DJ player app

If you search the web for some cool Android DJ Apps for beginners, you will find the Party Mixer at the top of the list. Use this simple DJ mixer app for mixing two tracks and produce amazing DJ effects. You can change the pitch & tempo to mix tracks and create cool sounds. The app also lets you create, save and play from your playlist. As the app comes with simple interface and basic DJ mixing, so don’t need any kind previous experience to use the app.

Key Features

  • Crossfade between two tracks
  • Built-in search option to find any track instantly
  • Change BPM, Tempo or Pitch from the deck
  • Built-in Music Player
  • Access music from your device or SD card storage
  • Compatible with all major Music File Formats
  1. DJ Basic – DJ Player

Dj software for android free download

The DJ Basic – DJ Player is one of the digital DJ apps that can fully convert your smartphone into a DJ system. There are two versions (free and premium) of this app available with various features for both advanced and beginner users. The app comes with accurate waveform, visualization, and frequency tones to produce cool DJ effects.

Key Features

  • Support Bluetooth headset control
  • Automatic beat and pitch sync feature
  • Built-in equalizer
  • Automatic sound adjust feature
  • Support almost all music file formats
  • Required only 512MB RAM
  1. djay 2

The djay 2 is one of the best DJ apps for Android for those who are looking for a cheap price premium DJ app. The app can transform your Android device into a full DJ system and integrated with the Spotify. You can perform with live music as well as recorded one with the help of automated music mixing feature.

Key Features

  • Integrated with music library
  • Live recording supported
  • Auto beat and tempo detection
  • Bluetooth device supported
  • Intelligent song recommendation

Closing Words

Smartphones and tablets with Android OS are excellent sources for entertainment. You can enjoy with various ways and become a DJ is a unique idea. And hope above free DJ apps for Android will help you to choose the right one and become a professional DJ.

Being a DJ can be expensive. You have a load of equipment to buy and then you have to invest the time to learn it, use the software, and create awesome music. Believe it or not, there are some decent DJ apps on Android. There aren’t any currently that can run the whole show but you can use these to augment a set up and make it a little bit better. Let’s take a look at the best DJ apps for Android. There are some decent up-and-coming DJ apps such as Samply Music Sampler as well. It’s always good to check the Play Store to see the new stuff!

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Here are some other music-related apps you might find interesting!

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Cross DJ

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Cross DJ claims to be one of the first DJ apps on mobile. It has a decent set of features. It includes fairly accurate BPM detection, track syncing, and beat-grid editing. The app also includes five levels of pitch bending (4, 8, 16, 32, 100%). It also comes with a range of features that you can purchase through in-app purchases. That includes an auto-mixer, external mixer support, and sample packs. Picking up an in-app purchase also removes ads and gives you access to more features. It’s not cheap, but it’s otherwise solid.

DJ Studio 5

Price: Free with in-app purchases

DJ Studio 5 is one of the most comprehensive DJ apps out there. It has one of the best free offerings out there as well. The developers boast that the main app is completely free with no limitations or watermarks. That includes eight sound effects, ten sample pads, the ability to record mixes live, equalizers, and more. All of the features are free to use. However, you can purchase some additional stuff to round out the experience. There is also support for SoundCloud and even some hardware controllers.

djay 2

Price: Free / $2.99

The djay 2 app is one of the most popular djay apps on iOS. Its release on Android was kind of a big deal. It’s already doing quite well on Android. This comes with Spotify integration, auto-mixing, effects, pitch-bend, looping, cue points, and much, much more. It’s really between this, edjing (below), and DJ Studio 5 for which one is most powerful and it really depends on what you need in a DJ app. Most people who like djay 2 like it because of its excellent Spotify integration.

edjing Mix

Price: Free / $5.49 / in-app purchases

edjing Mix is another one of the more powerful DJ apps. It has a whole bunch of features. Some of the highlights include Deezer support, support for your local library, 16 samples to play with, continuous syncing between two tracks, and looping. There are also turn-tables, SoundCloud access, a crossfader, and you can upload your mixes to the cloud from the app. You can even customize the layout a little bit. There three apps total in the collection. One of them is free or you can buy it for $5.49. The other one is free with additional things that you can purchase as in-app purchases.

Music Maker JAM

Price: Free / Up to $49.99

Music Maker JAM is one of the most popular DJ apps for mobile, if not the most popular. It checks all of the boxes for the basics. You can create your own beats, record vocals, add real-time effects, and there are a ton of sound packs to choose from. You get a fair amount of it for free. However, like many mobile music production apps, it does get fairly expensive rather quickly. This one is also good for general musicians looking for an app to record original compositions as well.

Traktor Dj App For Android Free Download

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Dj Software For Android Free Download Full Version

If we missed any of the best DJ apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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