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Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android and iOS are. Now you will not get the audio help offline but the other features are still available for offline access as long as you download.

Top 5 Advanced Free offline dictionary download: Get empowered with English to English for android mobile/Smart phones knowing meanings, new words.

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App Name SizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
English Dictionary- Offline17 MBFreeLifetimeAndroid
Download Here
English++ Offline Dictionary28 MBFreeLifetimeAndroid
Download Here
Oxford Dictionary of English1.5 MBFreeLifetimeAndroid
Download Here
Dictionary-Word Web30 MBFreeLifetimeAndroid
Download Here
  • The free offline English dictionary application explains the meaning of English words! Definitions are based on English Wiktionary. Fast search, easy and functional user interface, optimized also for tablets Ready to go: it works offline without any further file to download! Features ♦ More than 324000 english definitions and large number of inflected forms ♦ You can leaf through words.
  • Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android 2018 – Hi guys, As you all know that android device provide or support everything which you really need in your life like Banking, shopping, Ticket booking, calling, video calling, Musics, videos and so more.
  • Top 5 Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android Users The concept behind offline dictionary is to access the dictionary app on your smartphone even when you are not connected to the internet. This is done by downloading the complete database of dictionary app for offline usage.
  • DOWNLOAD NOW A dictionary can be defined as a reference work which contains a list of words and their meaning. It comes in various languages and often times contains information on its etymology, usage, pronunciation and translations. In this article, Phonecorridor brings to you the 10 best offline dictionary apps for Android and iOS.
  • Mar 30, 2014  And after doing some research and try all the available options, I have come up with 3 best free offline dictionaries for android ordered by their size. Free offline dictionary download 1. English Dictionary – Offline. It is the best dictionary that you can have if.

Advanced English Offline Dictionary for free download

This English offline dictionary contains one of best top 5 Advanced free offline dictionary, includes flash card games to help students for learn more proactive way, includes quality sounds and phrase sounds, and (better yet) is super fast, and easy to use. If you download once offline English dictionary in your Android mobiles with out internet you can learn more more words with out using internet. You just open up the app, type in the word you want to look up, and it pops up with its definition in a split second. This Top 5 Advanced offline English dictionary app was given an overall rating of 4.1 stars on the plaster.

FreeEnglish Offline Dictionary

With more than 100000+ words, this best offline dictionary app is quick, fast, and effortless which is available for all android and iPhone. offline dictionary for android is best top 5 advanced dictionary, beneficiary for the people who are preparing for competitive exams. It is available in 15 languages, with that you can easily learn different languages and pronunciations. It is useful for the people who cannot carry and open a dictionary always and who don’t have internet facility persons.

Oxford Dictionary App for Android offline

Oxford offline Dictionary is one of the best App for android which offers the most comprehensive coverage of English from around the globe. This offline app is recommended for anyone who has android, iPhone and who needs a dictionary containing the very current English language,who doesn’t have facility of internet. It is also recommended for professionals, students, academics, and for use at work or home.

Offline English Dictionary-Word Web

This advanced free download offline dictionary app is a most impressive application with its exceptional rating of 4.5 stars. With 285,000 words, 70,000 usage examples, and 85,000 text pronunciations this apk provides help with North American, British, Australian, and international English language.

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Top 5 Advanced Offline Dictionaries free download

It is a very cool dictionary because it allows you to look up words without an internet connection! That means this app can be used from an airplane all the way to the middle of nowhere. The Offline Dictionaries Pro app is a multi-lingual dictionary. It has over 50 languages to choose from including English, French, Spanish and many more languages! This app’s overall rating was 4.2 stars.
All of these top 5 Advanced offline dictionary for android free download apps are the great applications to download, whether you’re a student, or a business man, these applications will help you in your everyday lives in offline dictionary.

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download English Offline Dictionary for Android Mobile

Summary : English Offline Dictionary for Android Mobile

Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android 2018 – Hi guys, As you all know that android device provide or support everything which you really need in your life like Banking, shopping, Ticket booking, calling, video calling, Musics, videos and so more. Android is also an information or studying source for everyone . you can read any book on your android phone and books is easily available in Google Play Store.

we all have faced one same problem in life that is meaning of English word when we study our books we do not know some words meaning and we start finding in the dictionary that cool but now its waste of time. Here we test most of the dictionary application that helps you to find any words meaning within a second. you do not have to turn the page again and again and search your words in thousands of list. This app helps you to find words meaning in a very simple way. with these dictionary apps, we can learn new English words, phrases, and idioms. It is the best way to improve our vocabulary and grammar. With these Best Offline Dictionary Apps, you can learn new words at any time , any place. Below we review some dictionary application some are offline or some online.


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Oxford Dictionary – Best Offline Dictionary App

Oxford Dictionary is the Best Offline Dictionary Apps for everyone. Everyone know about oxford dictionary it is a world-famous dictionary for android device, books, net. This is a free application with 3.5 lakhs words Phrases and vocabulary. Thousands of words and sentence derived from the latest research of oxford English Corpus. In premium version, you get 75,000 audio pronunciations for common and rare words.

Dictionary Wordweb – Best Offline Dictionary for android free download

Dictionary Word web is also the best dictionary app for android device. This application has 2.85 lakh words, phrases and derived forms it also has 225,000-word sense definitions, 70,000 usage example, 85,000 text pronunciations, Synonyms, similar and related words. We can also Filter Search results by noun, pronoun, verbs and adverbs. No internet data is required if you use dictionary word web application.

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Merriam-Webster is also A Best Offline Dictionary Apps which do not want any internet connection to search word. It also gives you voice search to find a word and also provide you voice pronunciation of words. It’s a great app for an android device and properly support in all device. With this app, you can improve your knowledge and pronunciation.

English Dictionary

English Dictionary is another dictionary application which helps you to explain the meaning of English Word. It provides you 2,29,000 English definition and a large number of inflected forms. Also, have search Button that helps you to learn new words. It provides you the option to backup and restores you dictionary data in Google Drive, Dropbox, and Boz clouds.

QuickDic Offline Dictionary

QuickDic is another one of the offline dictionary easily available in Google play store. This app supports all device on android phones. Therefore being able to use it offline at any time and any place. you can learn new words of English and also speak right pronunciation.

Arcus Dictionary pro

Arcus Dictionary pro is another Dictionary application with offline mode means you do not need and internet connection. People are not familiar with this Arcus Dictionary application bur trust me its so good.In pro version, this app comes with ads and a premium version no ads with them. In both versions, you have one same thing that is an offline mood.

English ++ Offline Dictionary

In this Dictionary application users use the dictionary when your internet is not working. It Provides 1,00,000 plus words, 1,80,000 words more in the paid version and 15 languages support 2 languages in the free version and other 3 in paid version when you are connected to the internet. It also gives you voice pronunciation for each and every word means you will speak right pronunciation of each word. provides you 2,00,000 definitions and synonyms. You can search and learn new English words and you also hear the word which you do not understand. you also have voice search option just speak the word and app will give you the meaning of that word. It also gives you the example of the words with sentences. You can learn new words of English and also speak right pronunciation.

English Hindi Dictionary

English Hindi Dictionary Provide you English to Hindi and Hindi to English dictionary and translator with offline mode. It is light weight app with awesome GUI. it has both modes online or offline sometimes this app can not translate your word that time you need to go online mode. Use this app to translate English to Hindi and vice verse. For learn New Words you have to update it daily. 10 million of peoples use this application. It is a Best Offline Dictionary Apps 2018.

Dictionary By

The Free is the world most comprehensive dictionary. It Provides you 14 languages, plus medical, legal all are most trusted sources. You can Translate English word into more than 40 plus languages and access dozens of other translation option. you can also share definitions via social media, email, and text.It also gives you voice pronunciation for each and every word means you will speak right pronunciation of each word.

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