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Nov 11, 2019  Download Facebook for Android. Facebook for Android makes it easier for mobile phone users to stay connected at the same time share information from friends, update and check their news feed, upload their photos and view posted videos. Facebook for Android is the official app for running the Facebook social network on Android tablets and mobile phones. As with the web version, Facebook for Android enables users to create an account or log into an account that already exists.


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It is really a complicated task to find right Facebook Video Downloader for the Android platform because one needs to run deep analysis over so many features. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform and people love to watch as well as download videos from this source. Statistics reveal that there are larger numbers of Android users as compared to iOS users and this is why most of the operating systems these days are designed on Android OS. If you are a crazy video lover and want to multiply the fun hours by downloading various videos from Facebook then you must have an idea about which software tool can assist you in easy downloading. Below are few details about top rated application for android users, you can select any of these for great results.

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Top 10 Facebook Video Downloaders for Android:

Here are top 10 Android compatible applications that provide easy download facility for Facebook videos:

1. Download Manager:

It is download all types of facebook video files quickly on your android powered tablet or smartphone. It is capable enough to detect links from browser automatically so users need not to copy or paste them. Price: Freeware

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  • This application generates task queues and applies priority to them. It ensures downloading of important tasks first and priorities can be adjusted by user as per need.
  • Large files are downloaded in small chunks so that downloading speed can be maintained.
  • Links for videos are required to be added manually as most of videos are geographically restricted so few users may find this task annoying
  • Buffer size is not appropriate.

2. Advanced Download Manager:

This tool has received higher rating from users due to its well organized platform and its ability to download all file types to phone. It is designed with multi threaded technology that makes every download process quicker. Price: Freeware

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Download Facebook Lite For Android Version 5.1


Facebook Apk Download For Android 5.1

  • This application allows users to download multiple files at a time with faster speed.
  • You can receive your desired facebook videos on your device within fraction of seconds.
  • Users have reported its sudden freeze issue, this bug demands attention and some improvement.

3. Get Them All:

Naruto ninja storm 4 android. This application has been designed by well trained professionals and it has revolutionized the download process with impressive results. It allows easy downloading from hundreds of websites including your all time favourite Facebook. Price: Freeware

  • This application allows users to download images, documents and other media files with ease.
  • This platform is being updated day by day with extended support to all new file formats so that users can enjoy unrestricted downloads.
  • This app is quite heavier hence it drains smartphone battery too fast.
  • Crashes are common on this platform.

4. FVD Free Video Downloader:

Price: Freeware

  • Users are capable enough to download Doc, music and PDF files simultaneously.
  • It follows a GUI based interface that is much interactive and user friendly.
  • Its download pause feature creates trouble so often and users need to fix it again as again.
  • You will find too much ads on this platform; that is really annoying.

5. HVD:

HVD here indicates High Definition Videos so this application will help you to avail eye catching crystal clear details for all your favourite facebook videos. This app is designed to serve users with exciting downloading experience.

Price: Freeware

  • The user interface appears to be so simple that can be operated by any layman.
  • It offers faster downloading speeds.
  • Assists in easy allocation of files over internet and can also help to make thins offline.
  • This application does not provide notifications about download process.
  • Many times it does not recognise YouTube URLs and users need to add them manually.

6. KeepVid Android:

This app can assist you in high quality video downloads with multiple file formats. It also extends support to 4K resolution even at faster speed. Price: Freeware

  • Sudden crashes are reported.

7. All Video Downloader:

This application offers higher compatibility over all android models and once you find your video to be downloaded it can initiate downloading process immediately. Videos are directly stored on download folder. Price: Freeware

  • Can download multiple videos at a time.
  • Can serve several video sharing sites with ease.
  • It doesn’t support YouTube video downloading.
  • Annoying ads.

8. Media Clip Video Downloader:

Here is a leading service provider with all exciting features and wide site support. It supports many popular media file formats and also supports video streaming with easy content management.

Price: Freeware

  • Users can also download documents and images along with videos using this application.
  • It offers wide site support so that users can enjoy video downloading without restriction.
  • Lots of annoying ads and even the ad blocker app creates conflicts during usage.
  • Users cannot define download location on this app, this is the biggest mess

9. AVD Download Video Downloader:

This advanced application platform is designed with so many latest technologies and users can also avail online tutorials to learn operations on this platform. Price: Freeware

  • It follows quite simple interface with android friendly design.
  • Presentation style of this application is quite impressive.
  • Most of the functionalities of this app are interrelated so users need to spend more time to understand the app.
  • Overall downloading speed is low as compared to other tools in market.

10. Video Downloader for Facebook:

This simple to use program facilitates in faster facebook video downloading and files can be directly copied to hard drive or any other storage device. It supports wide range of file formats along with numerous video sharing sites. Price: Freeware

  • Downloading process is quite simple and faster.
  • Users can decide location for file storage.
  • Common crashes.

Easy-to-use and powerful video editor for all creators.

Bring up your video to a professional level with straightforward tools.

Android 5.1 Download For Tablet

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  • Video Editing Tips

Twitter Android app got a new update again within a week time. The new update is Twitter version 5.1.0. The earlier version we had was Twitter 5.0.12. With every new update the Twitter app size for Android getting smaller. You can download the APK file which is only 8.3 MB this time. 0.7 MB less than the earlier version.

The Twitter app for Android has a overall 4.0 rating out 5 and one of the best Twitter client for Android devices. The latest update released on 4th February 2014 and brought the Twitter to version 5.1.

The APK came as an update in my Nexus 5. This should work on most of the devices. If you don’t have Google Play access for your Android device or want to download the APK, head over to MediaFire and download the latest Twitter 5.1.0 app for your Android smartphone or tablet.

If you prefer to download the app from Google Play here is the link for that.

Installing the app should be easy like other apps.