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  1. App For Android Free
I don’t know how doctors or medical students carry those cumbersome and large textbooks wherever they go. Even after clarifying their exams, they have to wear the burden. But nowadays with the advancement in technologies and increased usage of smart phones, even the medical professionals are relying on the apps related to their area of interest.
These apps make it easier to carry those books in a small and compact manner, so that knowledge is obtained with just one click. With these amazing apps, a doctor will never have to search for a topic in the book after searching the related paper. Here is the list of some of the top downloaded medical apps.

1. Medscape

This app should be on the top of the download list for a doctor as it is the highest rated and downloaded app for medical purpose present on the Android platform. Initially after its release, it became the most sought after app with over 4 million users. It is available for free on the Play Store. After downloading register for free for any future use of the app.

Various features of this app include 24 hours latest news and changing in the world of medical such as journal articles, tips, etc.; over 7000+ drug references; over 4400+ diseases and their treatments information; 129 medical calculators for different operations and offline usage of the app. A medical student can also pursue a course if wanted in over 1000+ topics for 30+ specialties. This app is regularly updated, so the features are also improved and increased in number.

2. Epocrates Plus

Above 1 million medical professionals are registered and using this app for quick references. One can use the app for different intents such as checking a drug for their usage and dosage before prescribing it, different drug interaction with each other to check if it is harmful, pill identification, performing calculations, reviewing guidelines and many more functions.

All the features are free except some subject matter such as lab guides, alternative medications, etc. which is available only after the in-app purchase of Epocrates Essential.

3. Doximity

Doximity is a medical (social/professional) network with over 60% of U.S doctors as members. Membership or registration is free after downloading the app. Doctors keep in touch with the others via a secure HIPAA encryption.

One can search for some other professional, get medical related news and send a fax using the phone via this app. A newly recruited doctor can also search for other job opportunities and earn honoraria by sharing expertise.

4. Read by QxMD

This app was created specifically for reading purpose for physicians. Various texts include downloadable PDFs, latest and new researches in the medical field, thousands of different topic reviews, articles from PubMed, etc. Even if the app is free, some items need subscription and credentials for access.

One can also write and review personal journal articles and share favorite articles via email, twitter or Facebook. Read by QxMD provides an open platform for sharing articles which are otherwise restricted by the various institution.

5. UpToDate

Developed by Wolters Kluwer Health, this app can be downloaded for free but requires an individual or institutional subscription for accessing any information. This app is very useful once the user is registered as it is full of answers to their questions.

According to its name it keeps the up to date with every latest happening and new researches. Connect with colleagues and share topics with them via email. A medical calculator option is also present in the menu window along with different other options.

6. Skyscape Medical Library

This app is downloaded alike by physicians, nurses, students and medical professionals for guidance objective. Its contents include over 400 titles from different publishers, diseases and disorders manual, drug guides, flow charts, full-color images, signs, and symptoms index, smart search for quick and accurate searching, etc.

There is a medical calculator included along with an audio interpreter for complicated medical terms. Also, various handbooks are added for professionals from different areas.

7. Medical Wikipedia (Offline)

Medical Wikipedia is an app with the largest collection of healthcare related topics or articles on the Android platform. Moreover, it can be accessed offline at any time when needed, thus making the app very reliable to use. This app is useful for everyone from medical representatives to general public. The contents include matter related to diseases, medication, sanitation, etc.

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8. John Hopkins ABX Guide

The app was made available by one of the top developer named Unbound Medicine, Inc. The user can view information related to various drugs and their dosage including details of different diagnosis with details on related pathogens and vaccination. The app also contains summary of available drugs with their cost and articles on topics in various fields.

9. Figure 1

An app dedicated to showing the colorful images of numerous medical conditions and their treatments. This app is being downloaded by over 1 million users. Also, it is a platform to connect with other professionals from over the world and sharing knowledge and ideas with them for a greater future.

The photos include textbook cases, x-rays, charts, scans, etc. along with various cases treated by other professionals. This app is also used for viewing news related to health care issues.

10. Harrison’s Manual of Medicine

This is an another app by Unbound Medicine, Inc. It is being originated from the medical reference book of the name, Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. This app offers assistance for different medical issues in everyday life of doctors. It is regularly updated providing the professionals with topics related to various subjects and colored photos, graphs, and tables. The user interface is enhanced with better index and bookmarking for related notes.
Free download offline medical dictionary app for android

App For Android Free

With these amazing apps, a doctor will never have to search for a topic in the book after searching the related paper. Here is the list of some of the top downloaded medical apps. Medscape This app should be on the top of the download list for a doctor as it is the highest rated and downloaded app for medical purpose present on the Android. Nov 29, 2017  Medscape. Available for: Android, iOS Price: Free One of the most informative resources, both for doctors and non-specialists. Medscape is something like a universal medical reference book, including original articles of various subjects, news from the world of medicine, annotations to medicines, tests for their compatibility, etc.