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Google on their official blog has just announced that Android Wear app for iPhone is now available, which directly means that you can now manage Android Wear devices from an iPhone itself.

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If you got an iPhone 6, or iPhone 5S or any other iOS device and consequently have Android Wear watch, your quest ends here, just download the Android Wear app from App Store and receive all iPhone notification on your wrist. You are also bound to get Google Now information like traffic alert, flight status, weather update timely.

Currently LG Watch Urbane, Asus ZenWatch 2 and Huawei Watch, plus all the future Moto Watches will support iOS.

While the app is just launched, there are few things which you can’t handle, hope will be in future version release. It justified that Android Wear is accessible from 80% of smartphones, but what around remaining 20%, that what Sundar Pichai thinks off, hence the Android Wear app on App Store. With this move, Google want to target two things in one shot – make Android Wear-powered devices manageable from most mobile phones, secondly to compete with Apple Watch. iOS is running on 14% devices while 2.6% devices are running Windows Phone OS. [Data Source – IDC]

As you may be aware, you need an Android smartphone to use an Android Wear smartwatch, but if you carry an Apple iPhone or iPad, you'll soon be able to use the same Android Wear smartwatch, without relying on unofficial third-party app support. Google's new move to go cross-platform with an iOS app. Android Wear Apps With an IPhone: a Comprehensive Guide to Installing 3rd Party Applications Onto Android Wear Watch Paired With an IPhone: Own an Android Wear watch with an iPhone?Learn how you can extend its abilities by installing 3rd party apps below!Smart watches are great. Download this app to connect your Android Wear smartwatch with your iPhone. Android Wear watches let you: Choose from hundreds of watch faces to express your. The Wear OS by Google app, previously Android Wear, syncs your smartwatch and phone so you can get more out of your watch. Get proactive help from your Google Assistant, see important messages, track health and fitness, and more, all from your wrist:. GET PROACTIVE HELP FROM YOUR GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Stay on top of your day with proactive, personalized help and useful shortcuts from your. Aug 09, 2017  When it comes to smartwatches on iOS, many people think the Apple Watch is the only option. However, Android Wear also works with iOS, and Android 2.0 works almost as a standalone watch, making it much more useful than it used to be with Apple’s mobile operating system. Dec 18, 2015 Android Wear on iPhone: Setup Setting up an Android Wear smartwatch on an iPhone is very simple. You will just need to download the Android Wear app from the App Store, open it up and follow the.

Android Wear app for iOS is compatible with a device running iOS 8.2 or later, so you can run it on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad, all iPad Air variants, all iPad Mini models and iPod Touch.

Download Apple Wear App for iPhone from App Store

What do you think – Is it a great move by Google? Is it win for Google or will Apple lose something?

Android Wear Download For Iphone 6

For this experiment, I decided to try Huawei's watch: The reviews were solid, and I liked the overall look.

I went with stainless steel and a black leather band; it's a bit large, but just under the threshold of what I'd consider too big. The software is Android Wear and, unlike Android on phones, Google isn't allowing any skinning or weird forks for the platform — there can be only one!

The key differences among Android Wear devices, then, comes down to hardware — sensors, the display, the casing, and such — and any custom watch faces a vendor might pre-install.

Android Wear Download For Iphone 4

Okay, now Google ..

Setup and installation are both pretty simple: Just install the Android Wear app for iOS, pair the watch, give it a minute, and you're up and running.

Android On Iphone

Android Wear has a little walkthrough to teach users how to tap and swipe your way through the watch. Features are pretty basic when connected to an iOS device, consisting mostly of notifications, although Gmail does support replying directly via voice from Android Wear. Alarms, timers, weather, basic fitness tracking, and the like are all available. There's also a nice option for an always-on ambient display that works quite well and doesn't take a huge toll on battery life. (It's definitely a feature I'd like to see on a future Apple Watch.)

Unlike Android Wear connected to an Android phone, however, there's no real app ecosystem for iOS — and a very limited selection of watch faces available. (The watch faces included are indeed skeuomorphism gone wild, but in a good way.)

Hello, analog watch — meet digital world

Going a full day was no problem for me, even with the ambient display on and keeping brightness at level 3. I was still at 40 percent battery before I retired for the evening. Only a few asked if it was a new secret Apple Watch; most were fascinated by the simulated watch displays.

Free download accuweather for samsung mobile android. Oct 17, 2019  Download AccuWeather 6.1.2-free. The best way to check the weather forecast. Accuweather is an application that helps you to know the weather forecast of your area in a matter of seconds. You can see the temperature, humidity, visibility. Oct 15, 2019  AccuWeather is a free weather forecast app developed for Android by AccuWeather provides very accurate weather forecasts for locations all over the world, along with a whole host of special weather features that vary depending on the location.The app's signature feature, MinuteCast, provides precipitation type and intensity forecasts by the minute for the next two hours. Android test page. Android Free. Stay connected to the latest weather forecasting with AccuWeather. Now supporting Android Wear™, this free award winning app features AccuWeather MinuteCast®, the leading minute-by-minute precipitation forecast, hyper-localized to your exact street address.

Notifications worked well. I had no problem getting used to Google Now (as opposed to Siri) for command and control, and for receiving information from multiple sources.

Overall, I liked the experience and would recommend it. It's very different from the Apple Watch in how it presents information and, of course, in the lack of an app ecosystem on iOS — as you might expect, it has great developer support for Android apps on Android phones. It's a solid offering and a good one for those who also need to live in an Android world.

Android Wear watches live at all price points, from $129 up to $1,500 for the TAG Heuer Connected. I can't speak to differences among all the offerings, but at $349, the Huawei looks to be at the sweet spot for price and quality.

One more thought

Using Android Wear with an iPhone raises an interesting question in my mind: Should Apple create some form of Apple Watch compatibility for Android users?

Apple resisted bringing iPod support to Windows for a long time, but there's little doubt in my mind that iTunes for Windows helped make iPod a success. iPhones (and iPads) still sell to many more Windows users than Mac users. Is Apple Watch a differentiator for iOS users.. or could it be the next Trojan horse to bring a new generation of switchers on to the Apple platform?

Also, You can search and watch your desired video. Moreover, YouTube recommend many videos on its homepage based on your interests to get you started. With the new app design it is easy to discover new content within the app. Long auto generated playlists based on a topic by YouTube. Jul 17, 2018  YouTube on Android Auto Google has not introduced YouTube for Android Auto due to the fact being people tend to lose their focus while driving. Therefore only way we can have YouTube on Android is the unofficial way. Thanks to Kiran Kumar, he has developed an Android Auto YouTube hack named Car Streaming (Previously named as YouTube Auto). Some phones have it as “aggressive doze mode” or “advanced battery optimization”. For youtube auto to work seamlessly, you have to switch off power saver mode completely or disable it just for Youtube auto. Also sometimes you can follow this trick of switching on youtube auto phone app on phone and then connecting to the car. Jun 23, 2018  CarStream allows you to watch YouTube in your Android Auto-enabled car. It was recently blocked by Google but there's a way to bring it back. Youtube auto for android auto apk download free.

Download Android Wear For Iphone

If you could advise Apple, what would you tell them?

Android Wear App Download

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Android Wear Download For Iphone

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