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There is rarely any person who does not like to listen to good music and enjoy singing the musical tune. Music is beneficial to health too as listening to your favorite song can improve your mood as well as it can relax you from your stress and tensions. In this article, we are going to share the best free music download apps for Android. If you are the one who strives to find out about the best Android apps from which you can easily download free music.

Download the Best Apps for Android phone and tablet. Get the best free Music Android Apps for your mobile device. Download the APK free from Appraw & find more Music Android Apps. Aug 25, 2019 Gaana is another amazing Android Music Download app, which offers free unlimited access to all favorite Hindi Songs, Bollywood Music, Regional Music, etc. With this Android Music App, you can download songs of your favorite artists or from popular albums. Nov 09, 2019 8 Free Music Download Apps for Android By Robert Zak – Posted on Nov 9, 2019 Nov 9, 2019 in Android We’re well into the streaming generation of media consumption with music downloads in the age of Spotify, and it’s starting to feel a bit like DVDs in the age of Netflix.

Now, people are often discussing which is the “best free music downloader app for Android phone”.

Yes, you can still get music for free on your phone. No, it's not illegal. Tune in and turn on to our best Android apps for downloading free music. Top 6 YouTube Music Download Apps for Android. As we all know, YouTube is a popular global-sharing website that allows users to view, rate, upload and share videos.

If you are feeling hard to downloading free music from best free mp3 download sites, then you don’t have to worry anymore. This article will help you figure it out best free music downloader apps for Android phone and free music downloading options for you

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Here I am going to say all the best apps for free music downloads.

Today, almost all have surely used the Android phone once, and this smartphone is incomplete without the favorite music, tracks or mp3 songs. People make more use of their Android phones to listen to awesome songs whenever they want with the help of best free music downloading apps.

Apps For Music Download To Android

Earlier people used to search for the songs of videos online (online free music streaming), later download it and get it transmitted to your laptop or computer.

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Listed below is the best mp3 music download app that allows you to easily download free music for your android phone.

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  • 30 Best Free Music Download Apps For Free Music Downloads For Android Phone

30 Best Free Music Download Apps For Free Music Downloads For Android Phone

1. 4shared

4shared music app is the best free music download apps for Android, essentially created for those music enthusiasts who just cannot live without music. Essentially 4shared app is one of the advance music downloading app that allows you to download free music and is presently renowned as best mp3 music downloader for android 2017. You are able to download free music and also use its features of online free music streaming to listen to favorite music for free online as well as on to the Android smartphone on a free basis.

After you have installed this app from the 4shared app the best free music download app designed for Android 2017 websites, it becomes quite simple for you to download mp3 files and later play the mp3 tracks and music whenever you want from the 4shared app.

2. Miui Music Player

The miui player originates from the famous Custom ROM MIUI and is cited as one of the best MP3 music downloader app for android. Miui is considered as lightweight ROM, finest recognized for its simple and sophisticated user interface. This mp3 music app is one of the finest free music downloader apps that come with the operating system that allows you to search for mp3 songs online. The interesting part of Miui mp3 download app is that you can not only play mp3 songs but can even download mp3 music track on a free basis.

Its interface is such that you just need to search for an mp3 music track, keep scrolling till you get the desired song you are looking for and then there is a download button available in the right side. The last step to download Miui app includes clicking on hit button which will lastly ask you to select quality. This MIUI app also allows you to stream music online without hassle.


If you are the one who is a great music lover and wondering how to download music for free, do not forget to download a high-quality mp3 track from the Music Maniac app. This is just simple and simple to use free music downloader app which comes with many advanced functionalities to let you download mp3 music easily. With the help of this best music download app for Android, you can easily search for your favorite mp3 music track of any category. Music Maniac app stores all the downloaded mp3 files in the drive of the phone or external storage, and this actually would not slow down the device.

4.Napster Music

Napster Music is considered as one of the best free apps to download free music for Android because it has a large catalog of 30 million mp3 songs to listen as well as download mp3 music for purpose of offline music playback. The finest part that users have noticed is that Napster is best ad free android app and best music streaming service 2017; hence it makes a pleasant experience to download free mp3 music. This music downloader app is known to be an on-demand music streaming service that offers varied categories of music from different film genres.

5. Super Cloud Song MP3 Downloader

Super Cloud Song MP3 Downloader app is included in the category of best mp3 downloader app which permits users to search as well as download different kinds of legal mp3 music for free. Out of many, this one is regarded as the recommended music downloader app for Android phone where there is no restriction on downloading. Once you have downloaded any song from Super Cloud, then you can play it on the default music player without any difficulties. Apart from this, the best mp3 music downloader comes with an inbuilt and strong online free music streaming web browser which can support you in finding as well as downloading the interesting and latest MP3 songs quite easily.

6. Gaana

Since many years, the Gaana app is the amazing best free music downloader app for android. Apart from download free music, this best android app to offers the facility of online free music streaming. If you are enthusiastic of Hindi movies, then Gaana app is the recommended app to download mp3 song of Hindi movies. Gaana music app also provides service to listen and download free songs from old to new.

Enjoy streaming Video & TV cast and all local cast series with miracast app.This Miracast application provides an easy shortcut and widget to use the screen share external display screencasting feature included in Android 4.2 and above! Allshare mirror screen casting for smart TV like samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba & roku without Wifi just by using dongles or adaptors. Miracast for Android to smart TV screen mirroring assistant is for screencasting & display smartphone mobile screen, widget & shortcut. Download miracast for android tv box.

7. iTube Mp3 Music Download

iTube Mp3 Music Download App is freely available best music downloader app for android dedicated for Android users looking for how to download free music. The design and operation of iTube Mp3 Music Download app are quite simple that lets you download mp3 music tracks easy and fast. Using this music downloader app, you can find any mp3 music track based on artist or song name and then simply tap to download to save the music track on your android phone.

8. Trebel Free Music Downloader

Trebel Free Music Downloader is a free music downloader app that makes it suitable to download free music Mp3 track directly to your android smartphone. Trebel is a free music downloader using which you no longer require searching to a torrent site or any 3rd party store to download your preferred mp3 music track. It is known that Trebel provides a large database of music, and you can also download high-quality mp3 on a free basis.

9. Music MP3 Download Free Copyleft

Out of many free music download sites, Music MP3 Download Free Copyleft is nothing more than an amazing android app which is too one of the popular free music downloader app, designed for Android to get latest mp3 tracks. This music downloader app permits users to search, listen as well as download several kinds of mp3 music which are included in the Copyleft app. Essentially, this application is available freely and there are no major music download restrictions, hence you can download unlimited mp3 music track every time easily.

10. Simple MP3 Downloader

As the name proposes, Simple MP3 downloader app is available to download music for free to android phone in an easy way. This is a basic easy to use music downloader app which permits searching for music tracks by artists, genres, or albums. Using Simple mp3 downloader app, you can search favorite songs and download directly in mp3 file format. There is one “search” tab provided that allows a user to look for a song or any particular album from Simple MP3 downloader app.

11. Wynk Music

Wynk Music is a free music download app for every mood that offers more than 2.5 million mp3 songs across Indian as well as across the world. It is known that this music downloading app has more than 10 million downloads having an average user rating of around 4.1 which suggest that this best free music download app for android is quite recommended. Wynk allows online music streaming and downloading limitless old and new mp3 songs from vast playlists formed especially for music lovers. Wynk allows you to enjoy its large music library including all genres namely Pop, Bollywood, Rock, Devotional, Bhangra, Emotional, Party, Romantic, Old Romantic retro songs.

12. Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads app is one of the best free music downloading app to get started with downloading your favorite new mp3 music tracks on an Android phone. The design of this music app is very easy as it allows you to navigate download and later listen to songs that are licensed as “free to use”, hence there are no doubts in its authentication. When you search music in Free Mp3 Downloads app, you will observe a number of new mp3 songs right in search results. In case if you wish to download mp3 track just click on the download option and later this music downloader app automatically makes a folder named as “music-freeMp3Downloads” directly on your SD card.

13. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager App, known alternatively as ADM is one of the best music downloader apps for Android and most popular music app for android phone. Users have noted that ADM is an all-rounder download manager app that can be perceptibly used as a music app. This free android app comes with the complete functionality without any additional charges and its size varies with an Android phone. Though, to support the developer and to be free from the advertisements, ADM also offers a pro version of it.

14. Google Play Music

Whenever you are syncing or streaming audio files from mp3 download sites, the experience may not be so good hence a music app named Google Play Music is developed. Keeping in mind about technical aspects, Google Play Music can be your ad free android app and daily driver to download as well as buy songs and hear to them in offline mode as well and this app also known as best Ad free Android app. It is known that Google Play Music takes care of your mood and listen to the songs depending on how you are feeling or which tracks you wish to hear. Google Play Music is one of the best android app to download music.

15. GTunes Music Downloader

GTunes is a free music downloading app inspired by the term “iTunes” to download free music to phone and served as best music downloading app for any android device. This free music downloader app allows navigating your favorite mp3 file, and later you can move on to download it from GTunes downloader app. In case, if you do not need an all-in-one download manager, and want to stream online almost song of every category using its search results, this must be a perfect choice.

16. Music Paradise Mp3

Music Paradise Mp3 is a great music app to search copyleft MP3 files as well as download them directly on your android device. If you are looking for how to download free music from a music app or music search engine that has a simple design then Music Paradise Mp3 music app is preferred choice. It is usual that downloading any mp3 track might take a long time, however, the finest thing is you will search easily the song you are searching for.

17. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music Player

It is recognized that RockMyRun will not only freshen up your mind but even it assists to get your body in shape as per expert opinion. This workout music app provides a superb collection of DJ-mixed playlists for exercise soundtracks and many more functionalities. Using the RockMyRun app, users can download or cache the mp3 tracks for the purpose of offline playback.

18. MP3 Juice (Free MP3 Downloader App)

Developed by MJ Media, Mp3 Juice is mp3 music downloader app that permits to look for and download from public MP3 music sites or also from public MP3 forums freely. MP3 Juice music download app comes with a quick searching feature to rapidly search new mp3 song by a band, artist, and tags. It is known that users can even preview song of a mp3 file prior to downloading using MP3 Juice.

19. Music Download Elite

If you are a music fanatic, Music Download Elite is certainly a best mp3 downloader music app you must never miss. This free music download app for android can retrieve songs from the vast collection, from international ones too. Music Download Elite highlights an easy-to-use interface that even allows you to create your playlists right from your downloaded mp3 songs.

20. Music Junk

Music Junk is the best music downloader app that allows you to navigate and download free mp3 music from any films for free. Apart from this, the downloader app is amazing storage of free mp3 music to navigate and download a song you wish on a free basis. Using Music Junk Android app, you can play stream audio as well as get lyrics to your chosen songs.

21. Omega Mp3 Downloader Free

Omega Mp3 Downloader app is also good free music downloading app that serves some of the popular mp3 music for Android. This music downloader app allows the users to hear any music in the background and it even offers the option to download so that you can have best music collections. It is known that Omega Mp3 Downloader is very user-friendly; hence you can easily handle this advanced music app to download new mp3 song for free

22. Download Music Pro

All your confusion regarding how to download music for free gets solved through Download Music Pro which is another best free music downloader app for android phone. Using this best music downloader app, you can do both streaming online music as well as later download them for free. In order to download free mp3 song using this android app, simply enter the song name or name of an artist and later search from the search screen, select the songs that you need to download.

23. Pep MP3 Downloader

Pep MP3 Downloader is one of the best free music download apps for Android as it is similar to many mp3 downloader apps mentioned above. This android app is capable to effortlessly search for your songs and later download as required from Pep! downloader. It offers you the ability to identify the file size prior to downloading in order to assure its quality.

24. PalcoMP3

Music Downloader For Android Phone

It is known that PalcoMP3 is not just a music downloader apps, but you even get to download high-quality mp3 music for free from the available Brazilian database of music. Palco MP3 not only offers prevalent music for you to download but it even allows you to connect with various individual artists. PalcoMP3 even permits to send your songs to be presented in the music app as well as reach millions.

25. SoundLoad MP3 Downloader

SoundLoad Mp3 Downloader is a powerful android music downloader app to download free music for the majority of Android users. Nevertheless, SoundLoad is included into a category of a premium android music downloader app, it also facilitates you to stream music online and buy mp3 online. SoundLoad Mp3 Downloader also contains loads of music licensed under “free to use.”It is without any doubt is the best app to download music for free for your android phone.

Best MP3 Music Downloader Apps For Android To Download Free Music

26. Spotify

27. Saavn

28. Microsoft Groove

29. Pandora

Apps For Android Music Download

30. Songily


Today there are tons of best apps for free music download present online from which you can download songs or stream music online on a free basis, however, some free music download app described above are recommended to try and experience best music experience.

As we all know, YouTube is a popular global-sharing website that allows users to view, rate, upload and share videos, including music videos, video clips, TV clips, movie trailers, and other content like short original videos, educational videos, and video blogging. Now you can even share Youtube videos at a specific time.

However, Google doesn’t allow users to download music or videos from YouTube to Android directly, which is considered as piracy. If YouTube is your key source for streaming music and you don’t want to spend bucks on it, you’ll need to take the matter in your hands – a YouTube video/audio downloader for android. Here the role of Videoer, TubeMate, Peggo, etc come into play. With one of these YouTube downloader apps, you can download all your favorite music and videos from YouTube to Android at one go.

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Top 1: Videoder


  1. Allow a bulk download
    You can download much YouTube music to Android at the same time while browsing.
  2. All Resolutions and Formats
    You can download any videos as MP3, 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P, 240P, 144P and in 60fps.
  3. Support more other websites
    This youtube music downloader for android supports more other music and video websites, like,,, etc.
  4. Display without ads
    No matter when you download or play the music, the annoying ads won’t turn up.

Top 2: Droid YouTube Downloader


  1. Multiple downloads
    This app allows downloading several pieces of music at the same time.
  2. Downloaded as video or audio
    You will be able to save the downloaded music not only as high-quality video but also as audio.
  3. No ads
    During the process of using this app, there is no ads annoying you.


  1. Only supports downloading music from YouTube and DailyMotion for your Android.

Top 3: YouTube MP3 and Video Downloader


  1. Download multiple music or videos
    You can download multiple music and videos simultaneously as you like.
  2. Saved as mp3 or videos
    With this YouTube music Android download app, you can search for any mp3 music or videos to download them.
  3. Diverse music sources
    It allows to download mp3 music for free from all websites without limitations.


  1. There will be some ads to bother you while browsing pages of this app.
Apps for music download to android iphone

Top 4: TubeMate


  1. Multiple downloads
    This app can preserve the original quality of the YouTube music at a high speed and it allows multiple downloads simultaneously.
  2. Saved as music or videos
    This app can save and play downloaded files like videos or music to satisfy your certain needs.


  1. Support one website
    TubeMate only applies to YouTube, so you can download music only from YouTube to Android, not from other video websites.
  2. Display Ads
    Ads will be displayed after you install the app on your Android.

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Top 5: YouTube Song Downloader


  1. Support more websites
    You can download more than YouTube music to your Android as you want.
  2. Display no ads
    After you install the app on your Android, you can browse and download without ads.


  1. Only audio track
    This app only saves the audio track for YouTube music on your Android.
  2. Only download one at a time
    You can only select one of your favorite music and click the share button to download the soundtrack.

Top 6: Peggo


  1. Support YouTube to Mp3 converter
    It can support YouTube to Mp3 converter for Android to rip audio from YouTube videos.
  2. Practical options – “Silence removal” and “Volume normalization”
    Peggo can automatically remove unwanted silence from the beginning and end of videos so you can get Mp3 with the good stuff. And you never have to reach for the volume dial between Mp3s because Peggo normalizes every recording to the same and comfortable volume.
  3. Music Directory for Mp3 files storage
    Peggo provides a dedicated storage space “Music Directory” for these Mp3 files in case of confusion with ones from other sources.

How to Download Music from Youtube to Android

Here we take Peggo as an example and show you how to quickly install Peggo app and start downloading YouTube audios or videos on Android.

Tip: If unfortunately, you lost your video or audio files on Android, please remember to stop using your phone and use this Android Phone Recovery to recover deleted videos and audios from Android phones.

1. Installing the Peggo app

As you cannot find Peggo in Google Play Store, you’ll have to make sure that you’ve enabled the “Unknown Sources” option before you install it. Plus, you need to install the APK files to your Android device. Then click on the “Download Complete” notification and when a prompt screen appears, press “Install”.

2. Sharing a video

With this YouTube music android download app installed in your device, downloading a YouTube video or ripping an Mp3 from YouTube video is very simple. All you need is just to find a video in your regular YouTube app. A share button will appear beneath the description and tap on this “share” button. Lastly, choose Peggo from the list.

3. Ripping audio or a video

After you share the video to Peggo, the app will start downloading an Mp3. Tap on the option “Record Mp3” to get a copy of the audio track from the corresponding video, Peggo serving as a YouTube music downloader for Android. Here, you can also find options for you to adjust sound and other things.

For downloading the actual video, you need to select the option “Record Video” instead, then choose your desired resolution and click on “Record Mp4”. Once you tap the record button, the Mp3 or video will automatically start downloading. But always make sure that you don’t put yourself in trouble for pirating content by keeping yourself aware of the fact that some videos on YouTube hold copyrights.

As the Peggo has a blazing fast speed, you needn’t keep the app open in the foreground. It will download the files in no time either way. Once the downloading is complete, you can find your recording in the Peggo folder inside the “Music” directory either on your SD card or in internal storage. And finally, it will start playing in any music or video app on your device.

Having had a general understanding of these YouTube downloader apps for Android, you must can’t wait to have a try. Please leave your message in the comment area below after your experience!

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