Bendy Ink Machine Free Download Chapter1 For Android

  • Publisher: Joey Drew Studios
  • Version: 1.0.829
  • Category: Adventure
  • Size: 550MB
  • Update: September 14, 2019 at 4:26 am
  • Available at: Google Play
  1. Bendy Ink Machine Free Download Chapter 1 For Android 2

Download whatsapp for android free 2013. Bendy and the Ink Machine is a fascinating story that goes with a beautiful game, but replay doesn’t seem like a major option here: all the puzzles are sold, and all the secrets came to light. There’s a nice set of collectibles in the game, so you probably would like to return to.

Apr 15, 2019  Download Bendy and the Ink Machine APK MOD Free on Android 1.0.825. Gameplay is explorations based where you’re checking your surroundings to discover puzzles and story. Beat elements spread throughout ambient shifts creepy sounds and of course the over-the-top jump scares are all here to complement. Mar 01, 2017  Download New Bendy Ink Machine apk 1.1.2 for Android. It's an horror game. What happens in this place? Bendy and the Ink Machine. Bendy and the Ink Machine™ is a first person puzzle-action-horror game with a unique cartoon atmosphere and an intense, frightening storyline that keeps you guessing throughout. Henry was the lead animator at Joey Drew Studios in its 1930s heyday, a studio that was best known for producing animated cartoons of their most popular and beloved character, Bendy.

Bendy and the Ink Machine – The game is always the things that help players entertain after stressful moments or kill time. Also, depending on the type of game, it gives you different emotions — for example, intense concentration when playing RPG games, stressful thinking when playing that game or being scared when playing horror games. Some horror games you can mention are Granny, The Visitor, The Visitor Return, etc. All of them are scary colors and require your intelligence to be able to solve the puzzle in the game. If you like a puzzle game you’ve just discovered, Bendy and the Ink Machine are right for you.

Vintage Cartoon Madness

Bendy and the Ink Machine are set in a non-modern wooden house, and most are made of wood. This house has long been a studio but for some reason, it has been abandoned for a long time. Your mission is to discover this mystery. How to play is very simple that you will control characters to explore each place in the house from books to different rooms. It all concludes that you can find the end of the screen (such as the magic circle) and through another stage.

The game has a lot of levels, and each stage will be interconnected. In the first cut of each stage, there is a caption attached to inform the player what is needed to see in this level. This facilitates the player as well as adding to the mystery of each stage. Every detail is required as well as every item contributes to your finding the right way to go. Therefore, it will take a long time to find an essential item. Spending a lot of time, players will focus more so that they will be more attracted to the game world.

Fight the darkness, Escape the Ink Demon, Fear the Machine.

Regarding game graphics, the game is designed according to the first perspective so that players can experience the scary most clearly. The graphics are exactly like the cartoons, so they are more familiar with this game. But not because of that, graphics will reduce the fear of this game. Because the game is set in a studios house that has been abandoned for a long time and a leading cause is being possessed by demons. While playing, you will see haunting words like “The Creator lied to us” on the wall. Through these drawings, the producer incorporates scary elements to create the emotional changes of the player. More and more players will feel the fear in the game. The game is not drawn in Granny style (dark obsession), but the game gives you a light familiar feeling and then scares you. This is the point where this game is different from other games of the same genre

Bendy and the Ink Machine are a horror game and a pretty addictive game. The game is always mysterious and stimulates you to discover the mystery of this studio itself. Please install and experience the complete obsession that this game brings.

Bendy ink machine free download chapter 1 for android 8

MOD Info

  • Free paid version (6.99$)
  • Full version (APK + OBB)
  • The Russian language is turned on (the Russian text is present directly during the gameplay, there may be problems with it, for example, there are no inscriptions in the settings if opened during the pause).


  • Download APK & OBB
  • Install APK
  • Unzip OBB to Android/obb patch
  • Select the version
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine [APK FILE]
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine [OBB FILE]

Update, December 21, 2018 (12:10PM): You can now download Bendy and the Ink Machine from the Play Store. The game costs $6.99 and does not feature in-app purchases.


Some players have complained of dropped frames during gameplay. Some players also complained of the ink color being purple instead of black. These aren’t significant issues, but keep those in mind before you plunk down the cash.

Original article, December 17, 2018 (4:40PM EST): If you’re a fan of playing Bendy and the Ink Machine on your PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, etc., you’re going to have another way to play the popular game soon: on your Android device!

Bendy and the Ink Machine makes its way to the Google Play Store on December 21, 2018. Pricing isn’t yet known.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a first-person survival horror game set in a defunct animation studio. As protagonist Henry Stein, you need to navigate through the animated world you have become trapped in, while simultaneously figuring out what exactly happened in the studio to create all these bizarre events.

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The titular character Bendy appeared in a mobile-only spin-off game called Bendy in Nightmare Run, but this new Android game seems to be a faithful port of the main game in the franchise.

Bendy and the Ink Machine doesn’t have a listing on the Google Play Store yet, so you’ll have to set a reminder for yourself to check on it on December 21. Maybe you should check out our list of reminder apps below?

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Bendy Ink Machine Free Download Chapter 1 For Android 2

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