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Download BlackBerry Desktop Software (Manager) For Windows & Mac OS: Blackberry is the pioneer of smartphones; this company has earned its name in producing high-quality mobile phones. With the personalized controls and turn in technology, this Brand has earned a unique place in the world of smartphones. Blackberry owns a different operating system, own developed system.

Blackberry desktop free download - BlackBerry Desktop Software, BlackBerry Desktop Manager, RDM+ Remote Desktop for BlackBerry, and many more programs. Blackberry desktop free download - Opera Mini - fast web browser, MicrosoftexFAT for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Connect, and many more programs. Welcome to the Software Downloads area for BlackBerry Android Support Software. Here you will find the latest USB and wired tethering drivers to support BlackBerry Android devices. To view software for a BlackBerry product, please select a product from the drop down menu and click Select. BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac syncs your contacts, calendars and appointments between your computer and smartphone. It also allows you to transfer videos, iPhoto albums, and iTunes songs and playlists. BlackBerry Desktop Software for BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier. BlackBerry® Desktop Software syncs your organizer, music, photos and media files from your Mac or PC to your BlackBerry device.1 You can also back up the data on your smartphone so that it can be restored if needed.

Smartphone has become the need of everyone and having a smartphone of Blackberry may feel you one step ahead of others.

So, you own a blackberry smartphone- and you need to connect that phone to computer, a Windows PC.

You need to have software which could help you out in figuring out different problems.


You want to create a backup of the phone on a computer, want to operate your own using a PC, and want to manage some files and folder swiftly on a computer.

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Blackberry Desktop Software is the application which is used to configure your Blackberry to the Windows computer. By installing this simple to use the application on a computer, you can do anything you want.

Download app for android. The application also is known with the name of Blackberry desktop manager, and you can perform various tasks by using this software.

Blackberry official desktop software:

This application is developed and released by the Blackberry itself; it is an official application, not third-party software.

You can synchronize your mobile phone’s data to your computer. You can take control of your installed apps; manage the contacts and messages with just one tap.

The media files, music, contacts, and other stuff can be copied and replaced easily.

Backup and restore option of this application is quite impressive, with just one tap, one can back up the entire phone’s data.

Blackberry Desktop Manager Update

Synchronize the contacts and other data

You’re all contacts, appointments, emails, tasks, calendars and other stuff will be synchronized with Windows apps like Microsoft Outlook, Windows calendar and other apps with IBM lotus note.

You will feel the freedom to have this software installed, having all the files and folder on both sides of the data cable.

Backup and restore:

Backup and restore is also an impressive feature to this application.

You can have a backup of your phone’s contacts, media files, music and other files.

The backup is just one step away from you- one has no need to worry about losing the files.

Just grab the application and restore the backup files what you have previously saved on your computer or cloud storage.

There is a wide range of options while back up data of your phone. You can have contacts backup, media files backup, music back up and much more.

Import new videos

You can sync the videos on your computer, by using the blackberry Media tool.

You even can import new videos and media files to your device, by using this simple to use tool

Music Sync:

Music Sync allows you to have the audio files and music on your device.

The interface of Blackberry Desktop Software is not that impressive.

The tool more than often crashes, and making you takes a new start of the activities.

So, the officials should take this into notice, and should fix the bugs, and should focus on making the user interface little easier.

  • Download BlackBerry Desktop Software (Windows & Mac Version)

Download Blackberry Desktop Manager Software

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Description Blackberry 10 Desktop Software:

You own a blackberry 10 smartphone, and you want to have this phone on your PC for obvious reasons. Blackberry 10 desktop software or a Blackberry link is the software which allows you to connect your mobile phone to the computer with great ease.

This application software can make a blackberry smartphone to communicate with a PC and Mac computers. So, you need to download this, and sync your data, share your larger and little files. The link has already been given, just click on the download button.

What is Blackberry 10 Software:

Blackberry has been a great brand- there was the time when this was considered the only trustworthy brands. And the top businessman, sports star, Artist love to have this brand’s phone in their pockets. Even now, people love to have the Blackberry phone- but the magic somewhere has lost.

Blackberry 10 device needed some update in the old created blackberry desktop software, and officials have made these changes. Now, the Blackberry 10 device can also be connected to a PC or an MC computer. This Blackberry 10 software effortlessly enables the users to sync and organize content like music files, video files, photos, and much more.

You can easily transfer images, video content, songs and other important files from your computer to Blackberry and vice versa. The interface of the previously developed desktop software was a complete mess, and now the changed interface offers us a lot to do. It enables us easier communication, transferring of the media files and audio files and other content.

Even by using this Blackberry Link software you can update your Blackberry 10 device’s software. It supports the ability to sync the calendar, contacts, emails, clocks and much more.

How to use Blackberry 10 Desktop software?

The use of this software is very easy, like the way you use other PC suites. This software is like a PC suite, with much easier options, and safe navigation. Download Blackberry 10 desktop software from the given download link and install it on your computer. You can easily install the application, as it has nothing to challenge your Anti-virus software.

And by connecting the blackberry 10 device using a data cable to your computer you can get the communication. Launch the software, your mobile will be detected by the software; the basic information of your mobile phone can be fetched from there even. There are tons of options, and you will be enjoying seeing the versatility of this software.

Like, you can back up your mobile phone’s data, you can restore if you have previously created a backup. The backup options are in wide range, you can make a backup of the contacts, Video files, music, emails, and clocks, calendars even the entire SD card or entire phone’s storage. The main interface of Blackberry 10 desktop software has a traditional dark theme that offers tons of Blackberry apps and you can grab apps to install on your Blackberry 10 phone.

A very clear dashboard that is very easy to use and clean navigation. The left side of the home screen is injected with tons of advanced options, and to get it in the main interface, you will have enabled them or activate. So, if you want to get those advanced options, in the main interface to showcase, just enable them from there.

The listing consists of the description of the recently connected blackberry device, buttons for the home page, the OS installed, the basic info of the phone and much more.

Features of Blackberry 10 desktop software:

As I mentioned it is great application software to communicate with the blackberry 10 device.

Content management:

Access your mobile phone’s data, share it, manage it, and organize the photo, music, videos files between the computer and blackberry 10 phone.

Easy to use:

The application software is very easy to use, you can simply get the application to download and install from there.

Seamless and fast installation of the application and you can simply access any files available on your phone.

Backup and restore:

You can back up your data, contacts, images, videos, music, files, emails and much more than this. You even can organize and save the backup on cloud storage or on your disc. Update the software installed on your blackberry phone. And also can restore the content with just simply injected interface.

So, the Blackberry 10 desktop software is the must-have application software for the blackberry users. As with out of this software you will not get the data shared and other tons of the features what this application has.

Download Blackberry 10 desktop software from the given download link and install it on your PC or Mac device.