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  • Salto Diving
    Addictive diving
    18 Jan 2018
  • Pebble Minigame
    Floaty casual game for response and attention
    18 Jan 2018
  • Mini Pocket Golf Free
    Unbearably difficult arcade golf
    18 Jan 2018
  • Smash Time
    Cartoon action arcade game with RTS features
    18 Jan 2018
  • Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom
    Fairy-tale quest about lives of alchemists
    18 Jan 2018
  • Circle Pong!
    Make ball stay in circle
    18 Jan 2018
  • Princess Isabella - The Rise of an Heir
    Fascinating quest about witch and princess
    18 Jan 2018
  • Cube Jump!
    Dynamic casual game for response
    18 Jan 2018
  • WordBrain Themes-WordWhizzle Search Puzzle
    Exciting word puzzle
    18 Jan 2018
  • Room Escape Final
    High-quality puzzle with 100 doors
    18 Jan 2018
  • Cookie Clickers
    Culinary clicker about cookies
    18 Jan 2018
  • One More Line
    Nice casual game for response
    18 Jan 2018
  • Hungry Shark Evolution
    Engrossing simulator of hungry shark
    18 Jan 2018
  • Stunt Extreme
    Nice races from the XX century
    18 Jan 2018
  • Pinball Star
    Classic Windows pinball ported
    18 Jan 2018
  • Rio 2016 Basketball
    Nice basketball time killer
    18 Jan 2018
  • Color Switch WP
    Take ball through colorful obstacles
    18 Jan 2018
  • Bridge!'
    Turn bridges at crossroads
    18 Jan 2018
  • Twist™
    Very dynamic casual game for response
    18 Jan 2018
  • INKS.
    Colorful arcade with billiard features
    18 Jan 2018
  • Six !
    Original arcade for agility
    18 Jan 2018
  • Birds & Balls
    Engrossing casual game for wits
    18 Jan 2018
  • FIFA Mobile Soccer
    Unusual soccer simulator by EA
    18 Jan 2018
  • Flick Shoot 2
    18 Jan 2018
  • Afterloop - Adventure & Exploration Puzzle
    Robot adventures in style of Sokoban
    18 Jan 2018
  • Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala
    Sequel of mysterious story of Maple Creek
    18 Jan 2018
  • Skateboard Party 3 ft. Greg Lutzka
    Perform tricks with skateboard
    18 Jan 2018
  • Ocean Drift
    Water drift on short range
    18 Jan 2018
  • Tank Battles 3D
    Peculiar reincarnation of tanks of previous century
    18 Jan 2018
  • Action Ninja
    Crawl bamboo wilds as ninja
    18 Jan 2018

Play a challenging, hand-eye coordination-based, car parking game against the clock! Parking Passion is a tricky driving simulation game where you have two minutes to guide your car to a designated yellow parking spot within a 2-minute time limit in 20 increasingly-difficult levels. Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop, this is a cool, virtual driving challenge where you must contend with realistic obstacles such as road works, barriers, unyielding traffic, pedestrians, and more!

While you don't have to be a seasoned, real-life driver to be a whizz at this game, you do need to exhibit some key skills that are pertinent in real-life driving situations. These include good hand-eye coordination, keen observation skills, and the ability to react super quickly to the changing environment around you when the need arises. Enjoy the fun parking action!

How to Play: This game may not play on all iOS mobile phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on those devices.

Your goal in each of the 20 progressively-challenging levels is to guide your car into the designated yellow parking bay before the 2 minute timer runs out. Your car must also be parked as per the direction of the gold Arrow in the center of the designated parking spot (This means you may have to reverse into the spot, depending on the arrow direction).

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  3. Jan 08, 2016 Samsung S5230 Review: Download free Samsung S5230 games. The mobilephone is the next touch LCD phone to be announced by Samsung and is leaving to be moderately alike. List of Free Samsung Star Touch Screen Games cutesmiley12.

For notebook, laptop and PC players: One-handed control; Control your car's movement using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard: Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Reverse; Left & Right Arrows = Steer. You can also move your car by clicking on the grey-colored arrows that appear on the game screen, but this is not practical.

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For Android mobile phone / tablet players: The two-thumb controls give an RC toy control feeling to the game; Keep your left thumb on the Forward / Backward arrows, and right hand thumb on the steering buttons (left/right arrows). You can drive the car using both hands together, and this gives much better control over the car when compared to a PC keyboard. Tap and hold on the forward pointing arrow with your left finger, and steer to the designated parking area by holding on left/right arrows with your right-hand thumb.

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For navigation purposes, follow the yellow directional arrow at the top of the game screen. This arrow acts as a homing device and always points at the parking spot. Don't forget that you can also drive backward when needed. If you successfully park your car, you progress to the next level (Your car must remain in the spot for a 3-2-1 countdown). However, if you run out of time, or if you badly damage your car, you must Replay the level. Keep an eye on your car's blue ‘Health Bar’ in the top right corner of the play area. If this falls empty, due to repeated impacts / crashes, you must replay the level. Off you go!

Java for Mobile Devices is a set of technologies that let developers deliver applications and services to all types of mobile handsets, ranging from price efficient feature-phones to the latest smartphones. Oracle Java ME SDK 8.2 is now available to support Oracle Java. Java runtime free download - Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (64-Bit), GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment, and many more programs. Java runtime for android tablet free download.

Download Free Games For Phone Samsung Touch 7

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