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Free Internet Offers: In this article we are sharing free data offers for all network providers in India. In the era of smartphone, everyone are getting used to access internet on their smartphones, but due to high internet charges on plans it is becoming very hard for us to enjoy to the fullest. So we are providing free internet recharge offers for all Guys hope You enjoying our free recharge app and Free paytm cash offer. [Last Updated : Jan 2019]

Download internet web explorer android, internet web explorer android, internet web explorer android download free. Apr 10, 2019  List of all Network which contains Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Docomo – Free Internet Tricks 2019. As the day to day data plans is increasing there is a shortage data amount but today from this trick it will get you fast 3g internet for free so grab this as soon as possible.This latest Airtel Internet trick can be used on any mobile or PC. Jun 04, 2016  No need to waste and wait for any WiFi connection, here, Free Data is newly available in play store and unique app for all the Android users. Now, you never wait for the WiFi connection because Free Data gives free Internet data for your Android phones. You can get or refund 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile data that you spend when using the apps. Imagine, having free internet on your cell phone? Mobile data can be really costly. Only of there was a way you could get free internet on your smartphone? Well, you can, to an extent anyway. There are a few things that you can do to get your hands on some free mobile data. But, there isn’t really. Ok so enough beating around the bush, now we will tell you how to do the magic of getting free internet your Android without any proxy or data plan. Make sure that you read the complete guide carefully so that you can become able to download, install and then use the app to get the free internet for your android using this free internet app. Android Internet Apps download APK for all android smartphones, tablets and other devices.APK Offers free internet apps for android.

So to eliminate such worries, we are listing all free internet offers and tricks which you can activate and enjoy free net data without paying single rupee. Below list of offers will contain free 2G, 3G & even 4G data offers provided by Indian Network providers. Moreover there are many apps to get free internet data and we will add them too in this post in future.

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  • 1 Free Internet Data Offers & Tricks:

Free Internet Data Offers & Tricks:

Who will say no to free internet data? No one right, so get ready and enjoy the whole set of free internet data offers which we are going to list below. All you need to have is a sim with 2G, 3G or 4G facility and secondly a smartphone which provides these facilities.

Internet data usage monitor

AirTel Free InternetFor Android

AirTel is one of the most famous and trusted network provider in India. They are providing free internet offers for their customer in which you can get up to 1.2 GB of free net data on your Android device for downloading 4 apps. For each free internet apps you get 300 MB of internet data.

Also Check latest offer By Airtel: Get Free 30 GB 4G Data in Airtel for 30 Days

AirTel Unlimited Free 4G Internet Trick

Free Airtel 3G Internet: This is an unlimited 3g/4g data trick shared by Om Prakash [Earticleblog Team Member], in which you will get to know how to get unlimited internet for free where you can get unlimited 3g surfing and downloading benefit by applying few tricks and investments & get unlimited internet free.

Vodafone Idea 4G LTE Launch Offer

!dea has also launched 4G service across many states in India and with this launch they are offering free 2GB of 4G data. This offer is limited to few states so you need to verify it first with the customer care before proceeding. But if you are currently using normal sim with 2G & 3G facility then you can get a free 4G upgrade by entering your details in below link.

Free Android Downloads For Pc

Gift 100 MB Data & Get 100 MB Free Data for Idea Users

Idea has launched free internet sharing campaign in which if you gift 100 MB internet data to another Idea prepaid mobile number then you will get free 100 MB data. So if you have two idea sims then you can make it double or triple and so on. This data sharing offer works on the basis of invite system. You can send data to only those who are still not using Internet.

BSNL Free 1GB Internet Data Offer

BSNL is offering free 1 GB data for downloading and registering on their android app named MyBSNL app. Once you download it, kindly create the account by new number and once you created it, you will get 1 GB within 72 hours. If you have already download and registered before on MyBSNL app then you will not be liable to avail this offer so only new number and new device will work.

JIO Unlimited 4G Data Offer

Reliance JIO is offering free unlimited 4G internet data offer for 90 days that is 3 months for buying a XIAOMI REDMI smartphone worth 5999 INR or Above. This could be the best deal you could avail since unlimited 4G data for 3 months is worth giving this amount plus getting a best selling smartphone on all Popular Shopping site.

There are tons of apps to get free internet data like Taskbucks, Databack, Ladooo, Earntalktime, etc using which you can daily earn free recharge and internet. I hope you liked the above list of free internet offers. We will add more data offers and free internet codes in this post.

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Free 2G and 3G internet data for your Android smartphone with networks; Airtel, Idea, Tata DoCoMo, Vodafone, BSNL, Reliance, Aircel, Uninor.

Truly speaking, here the term ‘free‘ is quite misleading. Off course everyone loves free services and products but their are always some terms and conditions which follow, same is the case with free internet. If you want to get access to free internet then you can but not for the so-called free, you may have to pay some little amount to enjoy free data. Before coming to the heart of this post let us look at a general case which led to writing of this post.

Download Free Internet Data For Android Phones

Actually, I came across many blogs and websites which provide good informative posts on accessing free 2G and 3G internet data. But when I read comments I saw as many as 70% comments going negative towards the method saying that “trick doesn’t work in my circle or state”. It is true, as we users are coming up with new methods to absorb free data, the telecom companies are making their efforts in evading it. Therefore, the trick doesn’t work in all states or circles. But still you can access free 2G and 3G data.

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Let us first look at the method to access free internet:

  1. Download and install DriodVPN from Google Play Store.
  2. Register a account with DriodVPN.
  3. Tap on DriodVPN setting on right top corner.
  4. Tap on port setting and set
    UDP port 53 or leave it as default.
  5. Tap on power icon and run DriodVPN.
  6. You will connect to VPN. (Retry if it doesn’t connect)

    DroidVPN Homescreen

Conditions under which you can access free 2G and 3G Internet:

Free Mobile Data For Android

  • Recharge with a small 2G or 3G data pack and use DriodVPN to get unlimited internet. The VPN provides continued internet even after the data is over (keep your account balance low). These method is not appreciable as it doesn’t work in many states but you can give it a try.
  • Recharge with special plan like WhatsApp or Facebook plan as they are cost effective with price ranging from Rs 15 to Rs 40 for a data upto 500MB. Then connect to VPN, you can use other internet products like YouTube, browsers and even download any content. These is a best method and works in every circle.
  • Look for any zero rental offers from your service provider. For example Tata DoCoMo offers free blackberry usage, just you have to send an SMS SUB BB 0 to 121 and set APN “” in network settings. Start DriodVPN, the BB data is converted to unlimited 3G/2G internet. Contact the customer care executive to know any zero rental plan.
  • If you have any sign in protected Wi-Fi network in your area, you can use DroidVPN to get free access.

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Internet Statistics


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  • Retry if DriodVPN doesn’t connect or change surver location.
  • Do not make any online transactions while connected to VPN network. As it creates server location in other country sending anonymous data.
  • This trick works with all network providers in India viz Idea, Tata DoCoMo, Vodafone, BSNL, Reliance, Aircel, Airtel etc
  • Do comment below if you need any help.