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How to Retrieve Data from SIM Card with The Best SIM Card Recovery? - without Reader Deleted contacts or text messages on SIM card by accident? Do not worry, here is the best SIM card data recovery software designed for you - MobiKin Doctor for Android ( Windows / Mac ). SD Card Reader for Android™ This pocket-sized reader simplifies game monitoring by turning your Android™ device into a photo and video viewer. Its compact, one-piece design and rubber covers make this reader field-ready so you can take it with you to check your cameras. Feb 09, 2016  A quick video that shows how to use an OTG adapter to read USB drives and SD cards on your Android phone or Android Tablet. Most Android devices support On-The-Go connections, known as.

Download Sim Card Reader For Android

You can free download a professional SIM card data recovery software on this page. The features and the usage of this SIM card data recovery tool are given in Part 2. You can follow the step by step guide to retrieve contacts and SMS from your Android phone. Some things about the SIM card you may want to know are also provided.

Part 1. What Information Is Stored on A SIM Card?

SIM Card (named subscriber identity module) is a tiny card that contains the info for the cellular telephone subscribers. When you connect your mobile phone to a data network, the SIM Card will submit your identifying info to the network in order to make a connection.

Besides the network authorization data, private info is also stored on SIM card, including contacts and text messages. Up to your phone carrier and yourself, the data stored on a SIM card is selectable. Thus, a SIM card can be used to transfer contacts from Android to Android.

Since the authentication and encryption technologies are developed to protect the data on a SIM card, actually, most cellular providers choose to save contacts and SMS to SIM card by default.

Despite that, contacts and SMS can be lost by human errors. Free download audiobook for android phone for windows 7. In such a case, you need a professional SIM card data recovery software to help retrieve the lost contacts and text messages. That is what we talk about in the next part.

Part 2. How to Retrieve Data from SIM Card with The Best SIM Card Recovery? - without Reader

Deleted contacts or text messages on SIM card by accident? Do not worry, here is the best SIM card data recovery software designed for you - MobiKin Doctor for Android (Windows/Mac). This program aims to help Android users retrieve data from SIM card/phone memory/external SD card.

Key Features of MobiKin Doctor for Android:

  • Recover deleted files without backup from Android to PC/Mac by a few clicks.
  • Recover contacts, SMS, call logs, music, videos, photos, apps, and documents from SIM card/internal memory.
  • Recover music, videos, photos, and documents from SD card.
  • Support to preview and select files before data recovery.
  • Fully compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets, like Samsung Galaxy, LG, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, etc.

Free download the software and use it to recover data from SIM card.

Step by Step Tutorial for The Best SIM Card Data Recovery Tool:

To recover data from SIM card/internal memory, you need to root your Android phone at first. Then you need to launch the program, connect your Android phone to the computer, preview & select data, next, recover data from SIM card to the PC/Mac.

Here's how:

Step 1. Connect your Android device to the computer.

Please launch MobiKin Doctor for Android, connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable. You need to allow USB debugging on your Android device.

Step 2. Scan the lost files on the SIM card.


Go with the on-screen prompts to make the program detect your Android device. Once done, the main interface will be shown to you. Tick on the 'Contacts' or 'Messages' folder that contains the data you wish to recover. Click 'Next' to scan for the SIM card.

Step 3. Preview & select SIM card data.

After data scanning, you can enter the 'Contacts' or 'Messages' screen. Preview the deleted items (marked in red) and select the ones that you want to retrieve.

Step 4. Click 'Recover' to activate SIM card recovery.

After choosing the files, you can tap on the 'Recover' button to recover SIM card data to your computer as HTML format.

1) MobiKin Doctor for Android can be applied to recover data from internal memory and retrieve deleted Android files from SD card.

2) When you need to recover deleted text messages, contacts, or call logs, you need to root your phone at first. Otherwise, all of the third-party programs can't access the phone's internal memory/SIM card for data recovery.

3) You can recover deleted media files from SD card without root.

Hot Solutions for Android Data Recovery:

Part 3. Why People Always Search SIM Card Recovery Software for Android Instead of for iPhone?

When it comes to this topic, you need to know what is the different usages of the SIM card on the Android devices and iPhone. On Android devices, the SIM card can be used to store contacts and text messages. Free download psp gold emulator for android. As almost all Android devices do, each iPhone has a SIM card. How does the iPhone use a SIM card?

iPhone uses SIM card to store the user's phone number and billing info. However, you are not allowed to save contacts or SMS to an iPhone SIM card.Moreprecisely, you can neither transfer any data to iPhone's SIM card nor read data from it. Alternatively, all of the files are stored on the iPhone internal memory.

iOS users can transfer their files from iPhone to the computer/iCloud for backup instead of a SIM card. Hence, they are less likely to search for SIM card recovery software than Android users do.

Attach Some Popular Tips for iOS Data Recovery:

Write in The End:

Now, go with the tutorial to retrieve your Android contacts and text messages easily with the best SIM card recovery software - MobiKin doctor for Android. Kindly remind, to avoid data loss again, you should develop a habit to backup your Android devices at a daily time. Finally, what else do you want to know about the SIM card or data recovery? Leave your thoughts below.

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Sim Card Reader App

Mobile phone SIM card data recovery is non destructive and read only software to recover all accidently deleted SIM card memory data and information. Software restores all SIM card deleted name, phone numbers (phone book directory), lost SMS and text messages. SIM card information backup device required PC/SC standards based SIM card reader with Microsoft windows operating system. Application does not recover data if SIM card is being locked due to security PIN code or other password code. Cell phone SIM card data retrieval software back up all deleted messages, contact numbers, phone book directory and sent item message. SIM card data recovery tool provides full back up of your mobile phone SIM card memory and recover your recently call list information rescue deleted text messages (SMS) from inbox outbox and sent item. Restoration utility analyze SIM card through SIM card reader (any company) and recover virus corrupted lost information of mobile phone. Recovery tool unerase erased SIM identification number and help in investigation.
Software Features:
* Support all 3G/GSM mobile phone service network.
* Software support SIM card only if SIM card is not blocked.
* Provides full back up of SIM card memory of your mobile cell phone.
* Its retrieve all deleted text message, contact numbers or other information from virus infected SIM card.
* Software required USB SIM card reader or PC/SC standards based SIM card reader.
* Utility supports all window operating system like 98/2000/NT/2003/XP/Vista.