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GB Whatsapp App Download. Let’s look at how to download GB Whatsapp. But before installing GB Whatsapp make sure you have taken the back your chat from the official WhatsApp. STEP1:- Go on the link It will directly download the APK file on your phone. STEP 2:- Now click on the APK which has been downloaded and then press install. Mar 31, 2018  GB WhatsApp allows users to copy anyone’s status by a simple click on The Status. Here, user Stops receiving calls from anyone users want to or for any in the user’s contacts and even for unwanted contacts. How To Install GBWhatsapp: There is no secret guide or any advanced guide on how to Download and install GB Whatsapp on Android App. Nov 25, 2018  GBWhatsApp Apk 2018. GBWhatsApp Apk for Android is one of the best WhatsApp Mods available only for the android devices. With this modded version you can download themes, hide last seen, always active, auto-reply, DND, etc. Are some of its features. Download WhatsApp for. Mac or Windows PC. WhatsApp must be installed on your phone. By clicking the Download button, you agree to our Terms & Privacy Policy.

GBWhatsApp 2018

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version For Android: Atnfas Hoak 2018 Getting the modidfied Whatsapp has become a necessity,such as Whatsapp Plus so that by downloading Gbwhatsapp atnfas hoak, you will get the features that are missing from the original Whatsapp. If you are looking for Gbwhatsapp latest version 2018 download link to get the free video calls feature, here you will find Gbwatsapp for android , The new GBWhatsapp Plus is a modified version of the normal Whatsapp program, but with the addition of many new and additional features that are not available in the normal Whatsapp program, which you can only get after downloading gbwatsapp, GBWhatsApp latest version developer has modified the latest version and fixed many of the problems that users face and added many other features that make (GB WhatsApp) one of the most popular Android chat programs more than any other program. You can make Whatsapp Plus video calls, lock conversations and use the privacy options for any conversations that you want to lock after downloading GBWhatsApp. You can hide your last appearance and use privacy options for conversations. You can answer and respond quickly to any message through Whatsapp Plus notices, atnfa hoak, download photos and videos clips quickly, format texts and many other fixes and improvements that you can enjoy after downloading gbwhatsapp. There are several copies that correspond to each type of device, we will show you through the article.
Important Note: GBWhatsApp Download with a direct link that you can get a copy of the development of Omar Atnfas Hoak, but to get GBWhatsApp Abu Saddam Al Rifai, go to: Blue Whats.

Download whatsapp plus For Android !

Easy access to the beginning of the conversation in GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp latest version 2018 with its new feature allows users to go to the first message in the conversation easily. Simply open the conversation, go to the options and press “Go to the first message,” as shown in the following picture.

GBWhatsApp 6.30 supports installing more than 3 conversations

To make it easier to access any conversation in GBWhatsApp latest version, you can install this conversation at the top of the conversations. You can install more than 3 conversations to stay in the foreground.

GBWhatsApp latest version makes it easier to access names

You can control the tabs in GBWhatsApp 5.70 by going to Option 6.8, then choose to switch the “Status” tab in the Contacts list, or to switch the “Call record” tab in the Contacts list, as shown below:

GBWhatsApp 2017 with other additions and fixes

⦁ After you download GBWhatsApp, you can send applications, games and all kinds of files.
⦁ To add options to hide the append button from the top bar and the writing box.
⦁ An option has been added to disable pop-up notification access in GBWhatsApp latest version.
⦁ To fix the problem of closing the program that was facing some devices when opening the conversation.
⦁ To hide some conversations when you search for them.
⦁ It is possible to open friends status.

What ‘s New in Whatsapp Plus atnfas hoak latest version

If you would like to download Whatsapp Plus atnfas hoak or download the new Whatsapp Plus, we will provide you with a link to download Whatsapp Plus atnfas hoak latest version, in addition to explaining all the additions to Whatsapp Plus latest version 5.70 that is based on the original Whatsapp version No. 2.17.146.
With the development and release new versions of the original Whatsapp program, the need to simulate this development within Whatsapp Plus atnfas hoak (GBWhatsApp) program is illustrated. The following picture shows the new version of Whatsapp Plus atnfas hoak as well as the original version of Whatsapp:
Here are the most important new additions in GBWhatsapp 5.70:

The ability to view messages sent by individual members of the group separately

By clicking on the name of the individual whose messages you want to view and then pressing “View Sent Messages” to display all text messages sent by that person only, as shown in the following pictures.

⦁ Send an alert from Whatsapp atnfas hoak if you have a contact who changing a picture.
⦁ The ability to convert any video of any size to a GIF and send it to Whatsapp Plus atnfas hoak.
⦁ Open a new conversation by pressing the floating button.
⦁ The Hide Appearance & Resize error has been fixed in the list of contacts, as well as the email chat fixing, and finally the User Status Privacy Amendment option has been fixed in GBWhatsapp.

New: GPWhatsapp supports publishing status

In a new version with the 5.70 version of GPWhatsapp, you can now add your status to GPWhatsapp for sharing it with your friends, as in Snapchat and recently in Instagram, the following picture shows the new version number based on a trial version of the original Whatsapp:

Add my status to the new GPWhatsapp

To add your status to the Blue Whatsapp, click the add icon in the My Status tab that shown in the following picture:

After downloading GBWhatsapp, you can also review “My Status” to review the photos and videos that you have published and the number of views of each of them by clicking on “My Status” as shown in the previous picture, the following picture shows you the number of views at the screen bottom when reviewing the status:

Return to the old conversation interface at GPWhatsapp

If you would like to go to the old interface in the GPWhatsapp program, follow these steps:
⦁ Go to Extensions and Properties.
⦁ Press Option 6 “More Settings”.
⦁ Do Option 6.8 “Old Conversation Interface” as shown in the picture below:

Additional Features After downloading GBwhatsapp latest version 5.70

It is worth mentioning that the interaction of the GBWhatsapp atnfas hoak developer with users and the simulation of their requirements after the availability of the ability to download GBwhatsapp latest version 2017 contains many new features, we mention the most important of them:

⦁ Solving the problem of GBwhatsapp as a harmful program

After downloading the latest version of the GBwhatsapp, you will get rid of the message “This program is harmful” and if the problem persists, you can follow these steps:
⦁ Go to Settings.
⦁ Select Chats.
⦁ Back up your chats.
⦁ Remove the GBwhatsapp installation from your phone.
⦁ Start downloading the GBwhatsapp from the article bottom and install it to solve the problem.

The video calls are officially launched in GBwhatsapp

Now you can make video calls officially in the GBwhatsapp Atnfas Hoak, after modifying the official version of whatsapp with version No. 2.17.146, where the developer who has a copy of gbwhatsapp atnfas hoak of activating the voice and video calls officially in the new version From GBwhatsapp Plus Atnfas Hoak latest version. To download GBwhatsapp Plus Atnfas Hoak latest version, go to the link at the end of the article or identify the full features and new additions from the following article: whatsapp Plus update.

If you are having a problem in accessing the video calls feature in GBwhatsapp, go to the following article: Unlock whatsapp calls.

Start dialing after downloading gbwhatsapp latest version

Now, after downloading gbwhatsapp latest version, you can make a phone call by using another phone calls feature Now that you can download the latest version of Watts AGB, you can now have the possibility to make a phone call using the call feature in another free communication program. For example, you can choose Viper or Skype to get a free video call without having to call by using Whatsapp.
This feature comes to solve the problem of blocking Whatsapp calls in some Arab countries. To get this feature and many other features in the latest version of GBwhatsapp, you must first download GBwhatsapp latest version at the end of the article and install it on your phone instead of the previous version.
⦁ The aibility of lighting the front flash when taking pictures after downloading the new gbwhatsapp 2017.
⦁ Added option to change the background color of the call button in the GBWhatsapp atnfas hoak.
⦁ Ability to get the color of icon contacts in conversations by downloading GBWhatsapp.
⦁ Video sending problems have been fixed after recent updates and you can solve the problem by downloading the latest version of GBWhatsapp.
⦁ Allow to send animations.
⦁ Allow to write on photos and videos.
⦁ Increase the size allowed to send a clip to 100 MB and you can get this feature after downloading gbwhatsapp atnfas hoak from the link at the end of the article.

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version For Android

Size35 MB
CategoryWA Mods
Installs5 Million +
Required OSAndroid 4.0 +
Last UpdatedApril 2018

Start downloading GBWhatsapp to hide appearance now

One of the most powerful Android 2017 programs is GBWhatsapp that contains many of the additions that you can not find in the normal Whatsapp program. From these additions, are the privacy settings that you can access through the main screen of the program on the options> Go to privacy options> A subset of the set of privacy settings available to you which we will mention in some detail:
⦁ Hide Appearances: You can hide your last appearance on the Whatsapp but you can see the last appearance of your friends.
⦁ Two Tricks Reading: You can hide the two tricks reading for contacts or hide them to groups so that no one of them know you have read the message
⦁ Two Tricks Receiving: You can hide the two tricks receiving from friends or groups so that no one knows that you received the message
⦁ Typing: You can type and talk to friends without a “Typing” appearance with friends or through groups you participate in.
⦁ Registration: You can hide it from friends and groups where you do not have a “Registration” appearance when recording any sound.
⦁ Playback signal: You can also hide it from friends and groups where you do not have a playback signal.

How to activate GBWhatsapp without losing conversations:

Gb Whatsapp Free Download Apk

If you would like to activate two numbers on the Whatsapp and would not like to lose the conversations permanently, you have to take a few simple steps before downloading the GBWhatsapp program for Android:
⦁ Take a backup copy of the conversations on the normal Whatsapp program
(Settings> Chats> Backing up chats> Back up)
⦁ Go to the list of files on your Android device and search for whatsapp folder> change its name to GBWhatsApp, save the name and delete whatsapp from your device.
⦁ Download whatsapp from Google Play again on your device and activate the second number, start a conversation with anyone and take a backup of the conversations, then delete the program from the device.
⦁ Download GBWhatsApp from the link at the article bottom, install it on the device, activate the second number and press the option to restore the conversations.
⦁ Go to the files again> GBWhatsApp> Change the name to WhatsApp, download the original WattsApp and activate the first number.

It will be a little weird for the beginners to talk to the mobile, but once you get used to it, you can easily get familiar with the application. Google voice search apk download.


Previous additions to GBWhatsApp Plus Atnfas Hoak

⦁ You can lock any conversation by entering a password on a specific conversation by:
(Enter the conversation to be locked> Options> Chat Lock> Activate Lock> Enter Password twice)
⦁ The ability to use the privacy options available to you on any conversation.
⦁ The ability to answer messages through notices directly.
⦁ You can choose a photo or video from the gallery directly by clicking on the camera icon.
⦁ The ability to select a fixed and specific color for chatting.
⦁ Format the text in messages by enclosing it with specific icons and available to you as you type.
⦁ The ability to archive, mute, or delete messages by holding down the message.

Features of downloading GBWhatsapp:

Gb Whatsapp For Pc Download

⦁ The program has several copies, some of them comply with modern devices such as Note 4, Galaxy S6 and many other devices android, and a copy of them is available on the Android of the old version.
⦁ The ability to copy the status and paste it anywhere you like easily.
⦁ There are privacy options available to you which you can not find in the normal Whatsapp program.
⦁ The ability to send multiple photos once up to 30 photos and more.
⦁ Send larger video clips without any problem.
⦁ The ability to lock any particular conversation with a secret number that is specific to it.
⦁ The ability to listen to audio files without downloading with a sharing option for this audio file.
⦁ Hide the voice recording button in the conversations.
⦁ The program is completely free and has several versions comply with all versions of Android.
⦁ The ability to run two numbers Whatsapp through the GBWhatsapp program.
⦁ The ability to preview photos and media without downloading to Android device.
⦁ You can hide the name and date when you select more than one message.