Pokemon Solar Light And Lunar Dark Download For Android

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Pokemon Lunar is one of the best remake type game of Pokemon Fire Red Version having lots of new features and characters included to expand the gameplay. Pokemon Lunar GBA Download from Pokemonlog, has an interesting storyline which is inspired from the previous Pokemon Rom hacks. A Story of Three main person Mother, Son, and Professor. You will be playing the role of Pokemon Trainer in the area, also have a new area name as Tagral.

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Basic Info About Pokemon Lunar Version GBA Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Lunar Version
  • Author/Creator: Kostas
  • Type: GBA
  • A Remake of FireRed Version

Snapshots of Pokemon Lunar Download ROM For Free:

Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Lunar Version Download GBA:

An Interesting Story of three persons who are living in an area, they travel a lot from one place to another in search of different Pokemon Items. You are also traveling with your mother and Professor Alan in the Kantos Region. As we know that the Kantos region is mysterious having lots of things happening all the time. Suddenly something happens in the area and Mother is gone from the region. Also, get Pokemon Rojo Fuego ROM OR Pokemon Dark Cry Game

You people are searching for her, but all in vain. After that Professor Alan is the main character who is taking you from the Kantos region to a safe place where you are safe. So, he takes you to the Tagral region where you are safe. Similarly, you become mature and train yourself to be the best Pokemon Trainer.

Becoming the Pokemon Trainer, the first task is assigned to you after getting the Pokemon from Professor Alan. Now you are in search of finding the actual reason that why your Mother was taken away from you in the Kantos region. For this, you travel to the Kantos region to find the actual reason behind this tragedy.

Fan game download for android apk Aug 03, 2019  Ivan will most likely make a Android port, but that will most likely wait for until the game comes out. For right now, doing stuff like picking unnecessary fights with kids because of them begging for android ports are certainly no way to behave in a. The game works perfectly I did not find any problem, also for the reason that the.juego in Android is official so there should be no problems, it is as fnaf perfectly and as Fnac 2 for Android. The game is very good, I am surprised that the game weigh less than the first being the first weighing 75 Mb but in the second it weighs 65.

About the New Region and Characters:

The region in the start of Pokemon Lunar Download GBA Version is called as Kantos region. Where there were some mysterious things happening over the past few decades. After that, you will be able to see and discover the other most important region of the game name as Tagral region. Both of these regions are really interesting to discover and explore.

Also, there are various kind and type of new characters present in the game. Some of them are in the Rival teams while some of them are in your Pokemon Training team. Hence you will be training some of the new characters in the game. Get Pokemon Sweet Version

EXP Points:

The most important feature of Pokemon Lunar Version GBA Download is the EXP Points. These points can be increased while you catch different type of pokemon characters such as Wild Pokemon etc. Higher the EXP Points, higher will be the ranking and so on. You will receive special offers and bonuses while traveling through the areas and catching a different kind of Pokemon Characters.

Best Features of Pokemon Lunar Version ROM Download:

  • Having the excellent quality of graphics.
  • Physical Split also special Split.
  • Having a new region name as Tagral.
  • The Grottoes are hidden.
  • Having a new and updated Pokedex in the game.
  • Fairy type Pokemon.
  • Wild-Type Pokemon.
  • Increase the Exp Points by cathing.
  • Repel System.

Download Pokemon Lunar Version For Free:

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Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark is one of the Special Pokemon Rom hacks which has been made with the help of RPG maker XP. So, the code engine for this game is RPG Maker XP and have different kind of storyline which will inspire you to play the game until the end. Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark download rom rpgxp is now available to download from our website. With a bunch of some new graphics and animations in the game make it more interesting to play and complete the pending missions. This game is created by Chai-Tao and WaterTrainer who are brilliant rom hackers. About 300+ Fakemons are available which make your gameplay experience more than ever. let’s Dive into the features and explore what’s special in pokemon Solar light and lunar dark version.

File Game Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark
  • Creators: Chai-Tao and WaterTrainer
  • Platforms: RPGXP

Snapshots of the gameplay:

Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark Walkthrough and Complete Overview:

As the game starts you will face some difficulties in gaining your starter pokemon. As you are sitting in front of the TV and watching different fights of Pokemon Trainer in history. You are enjoying the fights and keep learning some battle skills from the elders. Suddenly your Mom comes in and says to you that your best friend Rodney is waiting for you in pokemon solar light and lunar dark rpgxp download zip. As the game has two main characters one is male and the other one is female. The male character name is Cole and Female character name is Ella. Several new journeys are ahead and you have to make sure that you can complete all of them on time as well.

Your friend name as Rodney is waiting for you downstairs and he is saying that Professor Pinewood is calling you for choosing your first starter pokemon. Luckily, you are waiting for this moment that when will the professor will call you and provide you the starter pokemon. As there are a different kind of starter pokemon available with the professor and all you have to do is to choose from them. Choosing the right starter is one of the crucial part of the game and makes your gameplay even easier if you choose a better one.

As the main area which is assigned to you is named as Soltree Town and have different kind of hidden places and areas to be discovered. Note that there are some rival and enemies teams are present in this area which makes the game more interesting for everyone. Because you will keep yourself more aware from them, that when will the challenge you for a fight or trade like in Pokemon Trading Card Game. Some enemies teams are always ready for your battles challenges and much more. Because they have some supreme kind of evil powers.

Choosing the Starters:

As soon as the professor calls you for picking up the starter pokemon you will have to choose them very wisely. Some nice kind of pokemon are available as starter pokemon to choose and they have their own unique abilities. With the base of their abilities, you can choose the best suitable case for your gameplay. Like they will sometime help you in making you aware from the enemies teams and all those things.

Pokemon Solar Light And Lunar Dark Download

As for as starter pokemon are concerned, you can choose from all the suggested ones. After sometime when you move forward in the game and complete some missions you are also allowed to exchange your starters pokemon as well. Many new pokemon which were not kept in the starter pokemon categories are now available to be chosen. So you can use these kinds of pokemon for your battles and the rival team members can also make use of them for their own purposes. Nice collection of customization features and updates are available now and can be applied on them.

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List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark Download Version:

  • Different kind of storyline.
  • Professor Pinewood has different starters.
  • Amazing graphics and moves.
  • There are about 350+ new Fakemons available.
  • Rustbolt City’s Casino.
  • Different new rival teams.
  • Enemies have their own unique powers.
  • New tiles and Sprites.

Pokemon Solar Light And Lunar Dark Gba Rom Download For Android

Download Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark Version For Free: